The Timo Malum Story.

It took a couple of months to launch this blog. In the past I've created blogs in a day.

But you can no longer pick the easiest blog platform to build a site like you could in the past. Many of them censor content or destroy blogs entirely without warning and all your work disappears. I've had at least 3 blogs wiped out by Tumblr and they don't reply when you write to ask why or to get your site reinstated. They just don't care. Squarespace and WordPress.com have both been in the news lately for taking down blogs that posted information that went against the current official narratives we're all expected to believe. Web hosting companies have been guilty of the same kind of censorship, and others have caved in to government demands to seize or take down material.

And this is all cheered on by the news media and big tech companies like Google, YouTube, Facebook, and especially Twitter. Twitter is now considered one of the biggest enemies of free speech in the entire world, and yet people still use it. 

So when I decided to launch a new blog devoted to freedom of all kinds, but especially freedom of speech, I had to take my time and be very careful about how I did it. A mistake could take me down. And it's not like I'm posting instructions on how to build a bomb or telling people to kill puppies. That's what would get you in trouble in the past. Now, just talking about freedom can infuriate a radical leftist to the point that he tries to "doxx" you, which is an attempt to learn your true identity, address, and work information. He wants this information so he can disrupt your life, get you fired, and convince social media and tech companies to cancel your online presence and wipe you off the internet. You see, they don't like debate. But they do like to shout you down and shut you down. They have no tolerance for opposing opinions. When they promote free speech, the Left is talking about their free speech, not anyone else's. Everyone else is expected to shut up and comply.

Not me. I will not comply.

Nor will I fall into the trap of partisan politics or the simplistic Left/Right framework. I don't belong to any political party. My goal is freedom, and anyone who attacks freedom is my target. There are bad players on all sides and I'm not going to give up one freedom to preserve another. They all have to be preserved and fiercely protected or humanity loses, forever trapped on what will become a prison planet. 

I've been predicting a totalitarian world since my days in high school, but honestly I didn't think I'd live to see it happen. But here it is.

It's time to get busy. We've got everything to lose.

Timo Malum

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