Robert Kiyosaki Says The Dollar Will Soon Be Worthless. Get Ready.

Best-selling author and financial trainer Robert Kiyosaki says the United States is bankrupt and our currency will soon be worthless. Unfortunately, all other fiat currencies will also be worthless since their values are indexed to the US Dollar. If he's right, there's way no for most of us to avoid huge losses, but we can protect ourselves to some degree by investing in gold, silver, and cryptocurrency. Watch this video and take action while you still can. 

Resources For The Resistance

We need to stop the advance of authoritarianism and protect the freedom we still have so that violent conflicts never have to happen. We have to push back against censorship and the entire cancel culture. We have to protect our lines of communication by making sure our domains and sites are safe from being taken down. We have to stop financing companies that want to silence and control us. And most of all, we have to have the courage to say "No" to government authorities who think we work for them instead of the other way around. Speak up, stand your ground, and get involved where you live. Here's a growing list of resources to help you do that.

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Health & Medicine

COVID-19 Doctors Directory

Dr Vladimir Zelenko Prophylaxis Protocol

Dr Vladimir Zelenko Treatment Protocol

Video Hosting Platforms










Banned Video

Social Media Sites



Trooth-Global Freedom Movement

Parler - alternative to Twitter


Brighteon Social


WeGo Social







Organizations & Associations

Free Speech Union

Academy of Ideas



Hillsdale College

Democrats Against U.N. Agenda 21

Reclaim The Net

Oath Keepers - Guardians of the Republic

National Vaccine Information Center

Freedom Friendly Tech

FlokiNet web hosting (affiliate link)

Orange Website (affiliate link)

Beaker P2P web browser & site creator


Signal Messaging

Wickr Messaging

DAVOS Custody

Purism (computers, PureOS, and other privacy tech products)

Vivaldi Technologies (web browser)


Icedrive cloud storage (affiliate link)


Privacy Tools

Tor web browser

MetaGer search engine

Qwant search engine

Mojeek search engine

Gibiru search engine

Yippy search engine

Monero cryptocurrency

I2P: The Invisible Internet Project

Proton Technologies (encrypted email, VPN)

Tutanota (encrypted email)

Privacy Tools

Signal Messaging

Wickr Me Messaging

Mullvad VPN (my personal favorite)

Recommended Blogs & Sites

Digital Freedom Platform - London Real

Do Not Comply...Nullify

Gab News

The Unshackled...Breaking The Chains Of Control

David Icke


Restore Privacy

Dan Bongino

FreeSpeechBroadcasting/John Ziegler

The Corbett Report/Propaganda Watch

The Home Gunsmith

Stop World Control

The Fifth Dimension podcast - Evan McDermod

The Freedom People

Best Personal Blogs About Life -