Dr Michael Yeadon: COVID Vaccines And Vaccine Passports Will Lead To Mass Depopulation.

Former Pfizer Chief Scientist Dr. Michael Yeadon believes the combination of vaccine boosters and vaccine passports will lead to "mass depopulation and deliberate execution, potentially of billions". 

Dr. Yeadon said, "You don’t need vaccines, and you don’t need any of the measures that have been introduced at all. So, it’s not just a shade of opinion here, I would say objectively, none of those things were ever required. And yet, governments and their scientific advisers have lied to us for a year, and I think they’ve just produced mayhem, potentially to fatal damage to our economies and civil societies. You don’t need to be vaccinated by inadequately tested and somewhat dangerous gene-based spike protein inducing proteins, and you don’t need to do what you’re told by corrupt scientists who are apparently advising our government."

And he had this to say about the digital vaccine passports that are being required in a growing number of places around the world: "You don’t need vaccine passports. They provide nothing whatsoever to you or anybody else in relation to safety. But it will give away to whoever controls that database and the rules complete control over everything you do."

This is a must-see video if you care about your life and the future of humanity. Watch it now and please share it with your friends.

The entire transcript of the video can be found at: https://thewhiterose.uk/dr-mike-yeadon-theres-something-awful-happening/

The Pandemic Of The Vaccinated.

Omicron: the pandemic of the vaccinated.

"More than 90 percent of Omicron cases in Denmark are vaccinated, shocking data reveals." -- LifeSiteNews.com

"CDC: Most omicron patients young and vaccinated." -- khou.com

"Most reported U.S. Omicron cases have hit the fully vaccinated." -- Reuters

"Vaccines could drive the evolution of more COVID-19 mutants." -- NPR

"What explains rising cases among the vaccinated?" -- UK Column

Testing Keeps The Scam Alive.

If we began drive-through testing for tuberculosis today, we'd have a TB epidemic tomorrow. Constant testing for COVID is the only thing keeping the scam alive.

Stop playing their game and start using your brain.

It's time to end this.

COVID Vaccine Deaths Continue To Climb.

Here is the latest VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) data from the CDC. The death rate, although still unacceptably high, seems to be slowing compared to earlier in the year. But this may be because of under reporting by the medical industry which seems more concerned about protecting Pfizer and Moderna than protecting the public's health. Many doctors and nurses have come forward as whistleblowers and revealed they've been told by hospital administrators to not file VAERS reports at all. So we have to wonder how high these numbers would be if everyone reported vaccine events honestly and accurately. For now, this is what we have to work with, and despite its flaws it still shows the COVID injections are too dangerous to stay on the market.

And even without VAERS data, we should question any vaccine that requires 3, 4, or even more doses in a single year and still can't provide lasting immunity or prevent transmission. 

The COVID vax, regardless of the manufacturer, is a failure that is destroying lives. Pharmaceutical company executives and shareholders have blood on their hands, and it's time for them to be held accountable, along with the health officials who pushed this poison into our communities.

[VAERS chart courtesy of the OpenVAERS project.]

The Real Anthony Fauci.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr has written an explosive expose about Anthony Fauci that could result in the the mad doctor being sent to jail for the rest of his life. Kennedy's book is already a number 1 best seller which means Fauci's disgusting history is finally becoming known to the public. 

But this goes way beyond Anthony Fauci. His crimes are horrendous but he is only a front-man for the totalitarians who are trying to take over the world and enslave every one of us. The fabricated pandemic is being used to destroy our rights and freedoms and create a single, central authority over all nations.

In this interview many of the important points made in the book are discussed so if you don't have time to read the book right now, at least watch this video and refer it to your friends. Better yet, buy everyone you know a copy of 'The Real Anthony Fauci'. It makes a great holiday gift for anyone trapped in the COVID cult. (Please buy it from a local book store and avoid Amazon if you possibly can.)

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