Know Your Enemy.

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Brian Stelter of CNN and Keith Olbermann of a distant psychiatric ward are nothing but tools of the Marxist Fascism movement. They cannot be trusted with anything at anytime.

Know Your Enemy.


Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum and Bill Clinton, former President of the United States. 

We're Being Sold Out By Our Own Leaders. We Must Resist.

This could be the most important video you watch this year. Politicians around the world are lying to us about the pandemic, the vaccine, and climate change to scare us into accepting their "Great Reset", which is nothing but global Communism with it's subjects living in technocratic prisons. It's coming fast. We must resist it.

Know Your Enemy.


Joe Biden is so corrupt, so dishonest, and so consumed by the idea of becoming President before his death that he's sold us all out to the psychopaths of the global elite. Kamala Harris is his running mate not because she's the most qualified but because she was equally willing to sell us out. Their agenda is full compliance with the World Economic Forum's "Great Reset", which is nothing but a technocratic prison we'll be forced to live in. The "New Normal" means our freedom is gone and will never return. Is this what you want? We're running out of time to fight back.

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