The COVID Vax Kills And Destroys Lives. Your Government Doesn't Care.

It's been a while since I posted a VAERS red box summary report so I decided to see where the totals are now. It's not good. Deaths and life-altering side effects continue to climb. And while these numbers are horrible enough, studies show they represent less than 10% of the real totals. Whistleblowers in hospitals have revealed they're being told to never report adverse reactions to VAERS or say anything at all that isn't "pro-vaccine". When nurses and doctors tell the truth, they lose their jobs. This is a worldwide genocide and your local hospital, your government, pharmaceutical & technology companies, and the mainstream news media are all guilty of crimes against humanity.

Some studies say that VAERS only represents 1% of the real total, but even if we go with 10% estimate, it means the actual number of vax related deaths is 188,530 people. If only 1% are reported then actually we have lost 1,885,300 people to this toxic goo being forced upon us by the psychopaths who think they own us. Even worse, VAERS does not include totals from other nations so the worldwide count is astronomically higher.

The chart above shows the number of deaths caused by all vaccines since 1990. Notice the huge spike that hits in late 2020. Has your local news station told you about this? Are your elected officials urging caution?

Or are they pushing this poison with every tyrannical action they can imagine?

Their goals are simple: they either want you dead to reduce the world's population, or they want you sick and under their total control. And those of us who refuse to play along will be persecuted as second-class citizens, if we're lucky. The hateful rhetoric toward the un-vaxxed is increasing by the day, creating an environment of fear that could easily end with a second Holocaust. 

What will you do to stop it?

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Vaccines Kill People.

This quick video shows how deaths spike after mass injection programs of COVID vaccines. Data from John Hopkins University proves there are consistently deadly results in nation after nation. 

This is a genocide, the second Holocaust.

The fact that our political leaders allow this to continue is evidence they are willingly taking part in crimes against humanity. 

They must be held accountable. And they will be held accountable.

But only if all of us hold the line and say "No More" to the madness.

Humanity Goes Insane & Pushes Children Into The Genocide.

Harming children so that adults feel safe is a new low for the human race. Children are at virtually no risk from COVID-19, yet parents, terrified by relentless government, pharmaceutical industry, and news media propaganda, are lining up their kids to be jabbed with an experimental goo that has been proven to cause heart attacks, strokes, and a number of other life changing adverse reactions. Already the media is trying to soften us up for what will surely come.

But, it isn't normal for a child to have a heart attack. 

It isn't normal for a child to have a stroke.

Only an inhuman, anti-life force would push these "vaccines" into our children, children who are the future of humanity.

It's complete madness that we go along with it.

Do The Goo.

Toxic Vax Goo: The fast & effective way to create a sub-human species of drooling obedient remote controlled zombie slaves.

Caution: May cause death or agonizing injuries worse than death. Zombie transformation is not guaranteed.

COVID Vaccine Death Count As Of October 1, 2021.

Here are the latest numbers from the CDC's Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). The deaths continue with no end in sight, and crippling side effects are destroying thousands of lives. Yet the news media, elected officials, and others taking Big Pharma bribes stay silent except to falsely claim the vaccines are "safe and effective". These numbers prove otherwise.

Even more troubling is this chart that shows how serious the COVID vax crisis is: vaccine deaths were consistently low from 1990 until the end of 2020. As soon as the experimental COVID jabs began the deaths soared. How many deaths will be considered too many? Will this medical terrorism ever end or are we on the way to global genocide?

Data source: The OpenVAERS project

Vile Vial.

The COVID shot is the deadliest vaccine in history. Get the facts and avoid the jab.

The Vaccine Death Report

Evidence of millions of deaths and serious adverse events resulting from the experimental COVID-19 injections.

by By David John Sorensen & Dr. Vladimir Zelenko MD

Download the PDF.


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