Be Unbreakable.

We are witnessing the most intense psychological warfare of all time.

Keep your mind unbreakable.

You are not alone.

Freedom Convoy 2022 Celebration.

The trucker's freedom convoy reached Ottawa and everyone celebrated. Despite the lies coming from the news media and the Canadian government, you can see this is a peaceful protest by an enthusiastic crowd. There's no hate here. It's just regular hardworking people trying to get their voices heard by a government that has been taken over by Marxist globalists.

Meanwhile, authorities are resorting to dishonesty, fear tactics, and outright tyranny to try to silence the people they're supposed to represent. Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau remains in hiding.

Freedom will win in Canada and around the world. And the guilty will be brought to justice.

The majority will no longer be ruled by the minority.

We just have to keep pushing forward and not give up an inch to the evil scum who want to enslave us.

We Are The White Rose.

The White Rose is the largest group of dedicated and fearless freedom fighters in the world. We're taking peaceful action to open minds and end tyranny. Watch this fast video to learn about us and how you can get involved.

National Strike To Protest The Vax Mandates!

Show solidarity with the hardworking Americans who are standing up to Joe Biden's illegal COVID vaccination mandate! Freedom will not be destroyed by a depraved puppet of the global elites. Send a message to Biden and his owners that we will not comply! Join the nationwide strike, November 8 through November 11, 2021. 

Test "FREEDOM" to 53445 to get updates.

Get off your knees and STAND FOR FREEDOM.

Pleasant People Made The Best Nazis.

Pleasant people made the best Nazis. They were good natured, dutiful, and never made trouble.

They looked the other way when things got controversial.

They focused on happier things than ugly "politics".

They were respectable folks that turned their heads as their neighbors were dragged away.

You know who weren't pleasant people? The resisters.

Pleasant is overrated.


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