Real Evil Exists.

Is it crazy to think the wealthy elite are using the Covid vax to depopulate the Earth? Who could be that evil? History proves many people have been that evil. These psychopathic leaders killed their own people:

Pol Pot: 2 million dead

Hitler: 6 million dead

Stalin: 20 million dead

Mao: 3 million dead

And that's just a sample from the 20th century alone.

If you think it can't happen again, you're dead wrong.

I Will Not Comply.

I Will Not Be Silenced. I Will Not Go Away. I Will Not Submit To Vaccine Experiments. I Will Not Carry A Passport To Gain Freedoms I Already Have. I Will Not Be Ruled By Corrupt Psychopaths. I Will Not Be A Slave.


Who Is Bill Gates?

We all know Bill Gates as the founder of Microsoft, but recently he's somehow become the face of public health, especially as it relates to the Covid pandemic. But Gates isn't a doctor. He has no medical training of any kind. What he does have are money and powerful connections. He also has an agenda for humanity that you probably won't like. That agenda includes mass vaccinations, biometric digital ID's for every person on earth linked to a central database that will also store your medical records, and even digital currency that can be shut off at the flip of a switch. This entire infrastructure is being built right now, and it's funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  If successful, Bill Gates will have control over every person on earth, and he'll profit hugely from it.

This documentary by James Corbett exposes it all.

Note that this is a 2 hour video and it's well worth your time. But it is divided into 4 parts so you spread it out over a couple of days if you need to. But please watch it before it's too late.

We Can Defeat Slavery!

We the people of the world can defeat the New World Order in the blink of an eye and free ourselves from slavery.

Know Your Enemy.

Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough of the propaganda outlet MSNBC constantly spread lies that weaken our democracy and threaten our freedom. They are tools of the New World Order.

Stop Being Nice. Fight Back Or Become A Slave.

The entire world is engaged in combat right now and freedom-loving people are losing. All over our planet, the forces of totalitarianism and Marxist Fascism are working around the clock at high speed to destroy free thought, free speech, freedom of movement, the right to own property, and the right earn an income doing what we love instead of what we're told to do. In many places we can't even visit friends and relatives without risking fines or jail time. Elderly people are dying of loneliness, forbidden to have any contact with family members. We're forced to wear masks even though many scientific reports cast serious doubt on their effectiveness. Posting anything on social media sites that doesn't agree with the official narrative or even slightly offends someone can get you arrested in some nations. England is notorious for this. We're told what to think and if we dare to disagree, we're attacked and shamed and called "bigots" and "racists".

It's amazing how quickly Democrats and liberals, who used to fight for equality and democracy, have folded into the sick world of Marxism. The same people who used to march for peace and love have now become intolerant, hate-filled drones fully in support of authoritarianism and the collective hive mind. Agree with them or they'll come after you like angry hornets, trying to sting you into submission. Don't expect intelligent arguments though. They attack on a personal level, calling you names, insulting your appearance, telling the world you're racist, "doxxing" you so they can shame you in public and ruin your life.

They are not nice people. They fight dirty. They lie. They have no rules. Shutting you up and pushing their agenda is all they care about. They'll snitch on grandma. They'll organize election fraud. They'll firebomb your house. In their twisted minds, it's all okay. Because you're a bigot. You're stupid. You need to be re-educated. And if that doesn't work, maybe you don't need to exist at all.

And how do libertarians and conservatives respond? We've been trying to be nice, correcting them with facts. Facts that they don't care about. And then we move on. But they don't move on. They keep attacking. They keep fighting. They keep lying. And they keep winning.

We are at a critical moment in human history. The entire world, as we know it, is falling into darkness. Evil is on the march. Humanity will be enslaved in a global totalitarian prison within a year if we don't change our tactics and start fighting back as if we have everything to lose.

Because we do have everything to lose. And we're losing it. Fast.

Get off your knees. Get off your ass. Get busy.

Or become a slave.

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