Are Aliens Coming To Enslave Humanity?

I've recently been watching old episodes of "The X-Files", and it's interesting how much predictive programming can be seen when you watch it from today's perspective. In season six it's revealed that the aliens are preparing to take over Earth with the help of a group of human elites who have made secret deals with the aliens to buy time in the hope that some form of resistance to them can be found. Naturally they also hope to be seen as friends and allies to the aliens if no way to resist them is discovered. The elites think they'll be spared if they cooperate to the bitter end, but the rest of us will contract a virus that turns us into slave workers for our planet's new owners. 

After watching the show I began to think about how it could be predicting the situation we currently find ourselves in. 

I admit what I'm about to say is probably the stuff of science fiction, but open your mind and hear me out. 

We know the odds are favorable that intelligent life exists on other planets, and if they're advanced enough to reach our solar system it also likely means they're a very old species that's had time to develop advanced technologies. The problem is that a species that's been around that long is quite possibly very aggressive and has survived by conquering other civilizations. Some scientists have said that if the aliens do visit, it won't be Captain Kirk on shore leave. Expect something more along the lines of the Borg, here to assimilate us. And that will be a problem we're not prepared to deal with.

But what if the global elites were contacted in advance and told their lives would be spared if they cooperated with the aliens and prepared the planet for the new inhabitants who would soon be arriving? Why would the elites help the invaders instead of informing us of what was about to happen? Perhaps they were told, "Do as we say or every person will be killed". Calculating the losses, it may have appeared that following orders and handing over the planet with a small population of transhumanist slaves would be the less bloody outcome. 

And what would that involve? Terraforming the planet so that it’s more suitable to the invading aliens might be part of it. Maybe they need less sunlight, or less CO2, both of which are part of the current plans to reduce “global warming”. Maybe they want a lot less people around, just enough to serve as slaves but not enough to be too difficult to control or use up resources. That would explain the elite’s obsession with depopulation. As for the control aspect, the entire planet is being forced down the road to totalitarianism, with 24/7 surveillance and centralized currency tied to our social credit score being gradually introduced. We’re being conditioned to accept our own slavery. And when you add in the DNA manipulation and graphene oxide and self-assembling structures some scientists say are part of the COVID jabs, one has to wonder what the real end-game is and who, or what, is really behind it all.

I admit it’s not likely that we’re being prepped for an alien invasion, but the idea can’t be carelessly dismissed either. And you can bet if the psychopaths who run powerful organizations like the United Nations and the World Economic Forum learned of an impending attack and colonization, they’d sacrifice all of us to save their own asses. But as The X-Files shows us, those who make deals with the devil end up getting burned, very badly, and often while still alive.

In the meantime, I’ll be searching for a nice dry cave to hide out in. I’ve had enough of this madness.

Slogans Hide True Intentions.

The slogans of the elite sound inclusive and empowering. But when you look at them from their perspective they take on entirely different meanings.

People. Planet. Prosperity.

Who could fault that? Let's get on board that train! But wait. It's not meant for us. It's all for them.

People: Refers to them, not us.

Planet: In their eyes, it's their planet, not ours. They'll do with it as they wish.

Prosperity: Not for you and me. The prosperity they have planned is for them. They want to control every resource and bit of wealth on the planet. And they see people as nothing but resources to control and use for their own needs.

Don't buy their lies. The elites are masters of deception and manipulation. It's time to break free of their illegitimate reign of slavery and terror.

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Are Insurance Companies Expecting A National Disaster?

A confidential source forwarded this ad to me from an insurance inspector's professional association. Underwriter Services Association is "establishing a directory of insurance inspectors" who own RV's and are willing to set up base camps all over the nation. It appears the goal is to have inspectors strategically placed nationwide in advance of need. In normal situations insurance companies use inspectors who work in territories close to their permanent homes. In the event of a disaster such as a hurricane, FEMA will send in contracted inspectors to help in the claims process, but this happens after the disaster has happened. Anticipating a disaster and having inspectors already set up in base camps, or at least pre-screened and ready to roll, is very alarming. It suggests the insurance companies have information about a large event they think they need to prepare for now.

What could they be preparing for? Natural disasters? Riots? A mass casualty event? Maybe it's nothing but proactive risk management to calm the nerves of investors. But considering the current state of the nation I suspect some well-connected insurance company executives are trying to get in front of something big that the rest of us don't see coming.

Monopoly: The Documentary That Will Change The World.

This documentary by Tim Gielen is amazing. In one hour it explains why our world is so dysfunctional, why it could get much worse, and how we can end human suffering by simply understanding that our misery is engineered by less than 1% of the people who control almost every corporation, government, politician, and financial asset on earth.

Do you want a better life for yourself and your family? 'Monopoly - Who Owns The World' will explain why we're in this situation and how we can defeat the elite and create a new awakening that leads to a better life for every one of us.

Watch it now and share it with everyone you know. You've been a slave for too long. Rise up and find freedom!

I Am God.

Bill Gates isn't front-page news at the moment but his money is still hard at work trying to change the world into a technocratic dictatorship as horrible as any science fiction movie you've ever seen. He is a long time supporter of population control (eugenics), social control via smart phones, digital passports, and neural implants, forced vaccination of every person on earth, and spraying materials into our sky to block the sun. He doesn't care if you support these ideas or not. He has a god complex and billions of dollars that he uses to push his ideas. Money can buy a lot of things, including politicians, scientists, and the news media.

Can it buy you?

There Is Only One Immediate Existential Threat.

Humanity worldwide is suffering from mass hysteria thanks to psychological manipulation. We're constantly bombarded with warnings about viruses, future pandemics, climate change, food shortages, racism, white supremacists, terrorism, corruption, space aliens, and even rogue meteors. The billionaire globalist psychopaths who control most of the world and want to control all of it use our fears and insecurities against us, bouncing us from one existential threat to another. But don't worry! They have the answers to the imaginary problems they've created and they'll be happy to save us all, if we're willing to obey their orders and pay their price. 

The year 2020 was a rehearsal, a practice run to see how far they could push us and how much we would comply. To their delight, we proved we'd do almost anything to feel safe. Our blind obedience opened the door for 2021, the year we fall deep into the misery of totalitarianism. Coming very soon are digital vaccine passports that you'll have to carry with you if you expect to enter bars, concerts, sporting events, and possibly even grocery stores. Some employers have hinted you'll need a passport to keep your job. No vaccine means no passport, and that will make you a shunned second class citizen. At least for now. Your continued refusal to "get the jab" could lead to having your children taken away, or land you in a concentration camp, since society will deem you to be a threat who must be kept apart from the others. The vaccine passports will soon be expanded to include all of your personal information, including your credit score, your criminal record, your purchase history, your online search history, controversial social media posts, and a minute by minute record of every place you go. Eventually vaccine passports will become 'life passports', expanding to include new things they want you to comply with, like eating bugs instead of meat in the name of combating climate change. Expect a lot of in-person visits by the police asking about your recent activities. They'll do that to intimidate you into being a good citizen.

Once these passports become a requirement, it's game over for freedom. You'll be locked down as tightly as any prison inmate. The only difference is which side of the fence you're on.

Much of what I've written has been written before. But I've repeated it because totalitarianism is the only real immediate existential threat that we face. All of us must open our eyes and see the danger we are in. Our opportunity to rise up and resist it is closing fast. This isn't something we can deal with in a year or two. The walls are closing in now. The globalists are accelerating their plans for human enslavement and I predict we'll be defeated by the end of this year if we keep on accepting everything they and their puppet politicians tell us to do. 

There are other problems in the world. Yes, child trafficking is real. Election interference is happening. Our President is a tool of the deep state. People are being divided and told to hate each other. The news media is a corrupt propaganda factory. Pointless wars are being fought. But none of these are as urgent and as threatening as totalitarianism. None of the other problems we face can be fixed if we are fighting to survive as slaves with no voice and no rights. How can we do anything if we're locked in our homes with our communications cut off or heavily censored? How can we help others if we're unable to help ourselves?

Stopping the globalists is the only path forward for humanity. It is the only way forward for freedom. It is the only way forward for decency and morality.

Rise up now! We have the power to change everything but we have to stop obeying destructive power-mad psychopaths and return our world to truth and sanity. 

It's not difficult. It just takes courage.

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