Documentary Exposes The Greed And Bad Science Propping Up The Climate Change Hoax.

It's hard to avoid all the propaganda being spread worldwide by the globalist-owned news sites about global warming and climate change. Day after day they scream about frightening weather-related catastrophes predicted for the planet. Politicians and NGO's* warn that CO2 is a dangerous pollutant causing temperatures to rise along with sea levels. The hysteria has gotten so extreme I suspect some people think the oceans could begin to boil at any minute. And all of this doom & gloom is caused by human activity, we're told, with the only solution being to permanently shut down everything that isn't powered by wind or solar.

Is climate change a real threat, or are we being led down yet another dishonest, if not insane, path?

The documentary "The Great Global Warming Swindle" answers that question. It features some of the top scientists from respected institutions who tell how the entire climate change narrative has achieved cult-like status, becoming bigger than life while ignoring reality. You'll learn how the huge amounts of money being thrown at this imaginary problem have turned it into a profit monster no one is willing to turn off. Most importantly, you'll learn the real science behind our climate and why you don't need to worry about the polar bears. Spoiler alert: they'll do fine without our help.

['Hoax' image by Jeffrey Czum via][*NGO=Non-Governmental Organization]

Globalists Don't Believe Their Own Climate Change Propaganda.

Scientists and news media sites, both of which are often controlled by wealthy globalists, tell us every day that CO2 levels are too high, resulting in rising temperatures that threaten life on Earth. But many of us think the entire climate change narrative is nothing more than a scam, part of the UN's 'Agenda 2030' and the World Economic Forum's 'Great Reset'. Although both claim to be working for the good of the planet and humanity, in reality they plan to radically change human society by reducing the population and severely restricting our ability to live as free people. To be more blunt, they're creating the bio-security state, a global digital prison from which they will be no escape. The climate change narrative is designed to frighten us into voluntarily giving up our property and our rights. We are being tricked into believing if we live in pods, eat bugs, and endure cold winters without heat, that our sacrifices will save the planet and all of mankind. 

Don't believe their scam. It's a psy-op, just like the covid pandemic, but even more dangerous. The globalists who want to impose "climate lockdowns", end the use of fossil fuels, and send civilization back to the era of feudalism don't drink the Kool-Aid they're serving to the rest of us. Even while the corrupt news media is telling us that sea levels will rise by ten feet in the next few years, billionaires are buying oceanfront mansions and developers are building multi-million dollar resorts right at the sea. Banks are financing much of it and insurance companies are writing policies to protect these properties which, according to the psy-op, will soon be destroyed by flooding. That hardly sounds like a wise business decision, does it?

Even worse, we're being told that CO2 is our enemy, a toxic gas that is destroying the planet. But is it? Did anyone ask the plants, which depend on CO2 for survival? Without CO2 there is no life, including human life. Many scientists not employed by the climate change death cult have said we actually need more CO2 than we have now. But instead of working to increase our global levels, the cult is building insane machines that allegedly suck the gas out of the air to be stored in underground caverns. I don't think these machines are real but instead are elements of the psy-op to add a layer of seriousness and fear to the public consciousness.

Want proof that all of this is just another rich man's trick? Just look at the massive construction projects that seem to be everywhere. Even though trees convert CO2 into oxygen, when the globalists see a chance to make money they'll cut down thousands of acres of trees and replace them with asphalt parking lots and concrete factories and distribution centers. There are abandoned buildings in every city that could be torn down to make room for new developments, but that rarely happens. They'd rather kill life-giving trees than recycle a blighted part of town because it's cheaper that way. They're not worried about climate change. They're worried about their money. 

Here are a few examples:

Factory megasite in China.

Unknown development in Albemarle NC.

Office building development in Raleigh NC.

Commercial site in New South Wales, Australia.

Toyota electric vehicle battery factory, Liberty NC. (1,825 acres)

Toyota electric vehicle battery factory, Liberty NC, alternate view. (1,825 acres)

These sites alone represent thousands of acres of trees that have been destroyed to make room for developments owned by the globalists. If climate change is truly an existential threat to the planet, why are they cutting down so many trees? Why are governments allowing this to happen? Why aren't the radical Marxists of Extinction Rebellion chaining themselves to trees to keep these mega-factories from being built?

Because climate change is a scam, and they all know it.

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Wealthy Parasites Live By Different Rules Than The Rest Of Us.

Those who say you don't need a gun to protect yourself...have armed guards.

Those who tell you to reduce your carbon footprint...own private jets.

Those who are warning you about rising sea levels...bought beach homes.

Those who told you to stay home to stop covid-19...went to dinner parties.

[graphic by The Free Thought Project -]

Why Are The Wealthy Globalists Cutting Down Trees?

Trees absorb CO2. If the wealthy globalists are truly worried about rising CO2 levels, why are they cutting down thousands of acres of trees to make room for factories and other commercial developments? Why are bankers financing environmental destruction?

The answer is as clear at the scraped land where forests used to grow: the globalists don't believe their own lies.

Geoengineering Is Destroying The Planet.

Climate change is real, but not the kind we're told about in the mainstream media. The real climate change is the result of reckless tampering by the arrogant wealthy parasites who think they own the planet and can do whatever they want to do with it. The process they're using is called geoengineering.

Geoengineering is the large-scale manipulation of a specific process central to controlling Earth’s climate. It aims to modify global climate—a phenomenon that is not yet fully understood and cannot be altered without risk. [source:]

According to researcher Dane Wigington, the globalists and the mad scientists they employ have been playing god with our climate for several decades, and their experiments have created disastrous results. Wigington says there is a mathematical certainty we're facing an omnicide (the destruction of all life or all human life) within the next 4 years unless all current geoengineering processes are stopped immediately.

Geoengineering has created a world where there isn't enough carbon dioxide left in our atmosphere to support plant growth, and without plants, animal life, including human life, cannot continue. Despite this, the wealthy elites are pushing forward with elaborate systems to suck CO2 out of the air, hastening our demise. Are these people insane, or are they purposely terraforming the planet for some other purpose, such as making it habitable for an invading species?

In this fascinating interview on the Dr Ardis Show, Dane Wigington and Dr Lee Merritt discuss the current condition of our planet, what we need to do to save it, and the possible motivations of the powerful people who, at the moment, have us at their mercy.

To go deeper on the subject, visit where you'll find a huge collection of videos, documents, and information to help you take action that might save us all.

Are Aliens Coming To Enslave Humanity?

I've recently been watching old episodes of "The X-Files", and it's interesting how much predictive programming can be seen when you watch it from today's perspective. In season six it's revealed that the aliens are preparing to take over Earth with the help of a group of human elites who have made secret deals with the aliens to buy time in the hope that some form of resistance to them can be found. Naturally they also hope to be seen as friends and allies to the aliens if no way to resist them is discovered. The elites think they'll be spared if they cooperate to the bitter end, but the rest of us will contract a virus that turns us into slave workers for our planet's new owners. 

After watching the show I began to think about how it could be predicting the situation we currently find ourselves in. 

I admit what I'm about to say is probably the stuff of science fiction, but open your mind and hear me out. 

We know the odds are favorable that intelligent life exists on other planets, and if they're advanced enough to reach our solar system it also likely means they're a very old species that's had time to develop advanced technologies. The problem is that a species that's been around that long is quite possibly very aggressive and has survived by conquering other civilizations. Some scientists have said that if the aliens do visit, it won't be Captain Kirk on shore leave. Expect something more along the lines of the Borg, here to assimilate us. And that will be a problem we're not prepared to deal with.

But what if the global elites were contacted in advance and told their lives would be spared if they cooperated with the aliens and prepared the planet for the new inhabitants who would soon be arriving? Why would the elites help the invaders instead of informing us of what was about to happen? Perhaps they were told, "Do as we say or every person will be killed". Calculating the losses, it may have appeared that following orders and handing over the planet with a small population of transhumanist slaves would be the less bloody outcome. 

And what would that involve? Terraforming the planet so that it’s more suitable to the invading aliens might be part of it. Maybe they need less sunlight, or less CO2, both of which are part of the current plans to reduce “global warming”. Maybe they want a lot less people around, just enough to serve as slaves but not enough to be too difficult to control or use up resources. That would explain the elite’s obsession with depopulation. As for the control aspect, the entire planet is being forced down the road to totalitarianism, with 24/7 surveillance and centralized currency tied to our social credit score being gradually introduced. We’re being conditioned to accept our own slavery. And when you add in the DNA manipulation and graphene oxide and self-assembling structures some scientists say are part of the COVID jabs, one has to wonder what the real end-game is and who, or what, is really behind it all.

I admit it’s not likely that we’re being prepped for an alien invasion, but the idea can’t be carelessly dismissed either. And you can bet if the psychopaths who run powerful organizations like the United Nations and the World Economic Forum learned of an impending attack and colonization, they’d sacrifice all of us to save their own asses. But as The X-Files shows us, those who make deals with the devil end up getting burned, very badly, and often while still alive.

In the meantime, I’ll be searching for a nice dry cave to hide out in. I’ve had enough of this madness.

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