National Strike To Protest The Vax Mandates!

Show solidarity with the hardworking Americans who are standing up to Joe Biden's illegal COVID vaccination mandate! Freedom will not be destroyed by a depraved puppet of the global elites. Send a message to Biden and his owners that we will not comply! Join the nationwide strike, November 8 through November 11, 2021. 

Test "FREEDOM" to 53445 to get updates.

Get off your knees and STAND FOR FREEDOM.

Jobs For The Unvaccinated.

Are you a victim of the no jab/no job insanity? Has your employer announced a forced medical experiment policy that's making you anxious about the future? Don't despair! There's a growing number of resources being created to help you find employers who aren't mandating the jabs. Here are some of them. And as more become available I'll post them on my "Resources For The Resistance" page right here at and If you know of others I should include please send me an email. job board


No Vax Jabs Mandate job board on GAB

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