The Fire Will Burn.

Democrats always get it wrong. We don't idolize or worship Donald Trump. We are not dependent upon him. Trump lit a fire that allowed many to see the corruption in DC for the first time, and that same fire energized the rest of us to take action. But Trump himself is not the fire. Once lit, the fire will continue to burn even after he leaves the stage. 

It would a mistake to dismiss the MAGA movement and its millions of members, although many keep trying. The deniers and critics will pay with their political careers. 

Because we're just getting started.


Biden's Lies Matter. (I'd give the artist credit but I don't know who made this. I found it on social media.)

Leadership From The Supreme Liar.

All Americans, especially the nation's leaders, have a duty and responsibility to "defend the truth and to defeat the lies." -- Joe Biden.

Amazing, coming from a corrupt politician who could teach a course on how to lie.

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