Covid Tyranny And Global Fascism Would End If Everyone Watched This.

The pandemic is a crime being committed against humanity. The goal is to enslave us all in a Fascist digital dictatorship that we'll never escape. If even 70% of us watched this video that David Icke has recently made available to everyone for free, all of this madness would come to an end. Icke explains the pandemic from A-Z and exposes the lies that have brought us to our knees while the global elite laugh at us and accumulate even greater wealth.

This is part one of a longer presentation, but you'll walk away knowing exactly what is being done to us, and why. Know your enemy and you'll know how to defeat them.

Latest Vaccine Adverse Reactions Data From The U.K.

Similar to the VAERS reporting system in the United States, the United Kingdom has a system they call the "Yellow Card". Here is the latest data for the UK as of July 08, 2021:

1,470 fatalities attributed to the Covid vax in the UK alone. Why hasn't this medical experiment been stopped?

(chart courtesy of

Get Off Your Knees!


David Icke’s inspirational speech at the Unite for Freedom Rally, Trafalgar Square, London, Aug 29 2020. Icke tells a huge cheering crowd that humanity needs to get off its knees and resist the totalitarianism that is sweeping the world. This speech has already been taken down by the fascists at YouTube. View it now on Icke's official website.

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