Not My President.

Joe Biden: Immoral, Intolerant, Incompetent, Illegitimate. A Puppet of Marxist Globalists.

We Must Regain Control.

Remember when people who defended our Constitution were called Patriots? What has happened to our nation? We must regain control. The Communists cannot be allowed to destroy us.

Without Principles We Have Nothing.

Depending on your attitude, it’s either a frightening time to be alive, or it’s an exciting time to be alive. Maybe it’s a little of both. But there’s no doubt history is being written all around us, not only in the United States but all over the world.

Things heated up enormously after the protest and riot in the US Capital on January 6. I wish it hadn’t gotten out of control. I won’t speculate if our side got caught up in the heat of the moment or if they were manipulated by professional agitators, or even if ANTIFA were the real destroyers that day. That will be debated for months to come and I doubt we’ll ever agree on the answer. But there’s no denying the protest happened, things got crazy, and people were hurt.

And now politicians are foaming at the mouth in excitement trying to exploit a national tragedy for personal and political gain, completely oblivious to the fact that their self-serving greed is a large part of why the protest happened to begin with. These people truly think they are more important than the people they’re supposed to serve. Even days later there are very few elected officials promising to listen to us and work on serious reform that can bring us all back together. Instead, all I see is finger pointing, accusations, hateful statements, and a rush to destroy our freedom in the name of national security. But let’s be honest: they’re worried about their own security, not yours and mine. They’ve learned nothing, feeling safe in their delusion that January 6 was nothing but a bunch of deranged Trumpsters tearing up their Congressional offices. Get rid of Trump and silence his base and the problem is solved, or so they think.

Adding gasoline to the fire is corporate America which has jumped on board the crazy train promising to help with the silencing. While pretending to care about national unity, in reality corporations are censoring, condemning, and canceling President Trump and the entire freedom movement so that they gain favorable points with the Left, which they see as the probable winner of this fight. Most corporations have no loyalty to any nation or political cause. It’s just a horse race to them, and they’ll bet on whichever one is in the lead at the moment. They have no principles. And they’re hoping you don’t either.

But without principles, we have nothing. Our power comes from our principles. And this means:

When Netflix airs a movie that is basically kiddie porn, you complain, and if they don’t pull it off the air, you cancel your account. You don’t ignore it because your favorite show comes on later tonight.

If your bank is accused and found guilty of defrauding customers, change your bank. Don’t reward them by keeping your account open because it’s too much trouble to go elsewhere.

If Facebook and Twitter are censoring everything you post and there’s good reason to suspect they’re guilty of election interference, don’t accept it. Cancel your accounts. They think you’re too weak to leave them. Are you?

Google has trained you to think of them and only them when you need to search for something. But they also censor you, track you, and manipulate your thinking by only showing you the results they want you to see. I’ve published a list on my blog of the better search engines you should be using. Check it out.

And when giants like Amazon shut down our voices like when they recently announced they were turning off Parler’s web hosting, we need to complain. And if they don’t listen, we need to stop ordering from them. Cancel Prime. Get it out of your head that the default shopping site is Amazon. You have other choices.

We have to do these things even if it means we adjust our lifestyle a tiny bit.

Nothing will change until we stand firm by our principles and support the people and companies fighting for us instead of the people and companies trying to shut us down.

The power is ours, unless we’re weak and give it away.


Nancy Pelosi is a traitor to our nation. The penalty for treason is death.

What Do We Do Now?

I'm not one to jump into a fight until I know what the fight is about. I step back, observe, and analyze. If the fight is right, I'm in. If it's not, I stay on the side, making notes. 

It's day 2 of the DC protest and, if you believe the mainstream media, the insurrection.

As expected, our conservative allies are telling us it's wrong to storm the capital. We did a bad thing. Nothing good comes from political violence.


So what should we do?

We've expressed our concerns on social media.

We've voted.

We've written our elected officials.

We've tried to educate our friends and neighbors. 

And yet, here we are, watching one of the most corrupt men on earth being validated as our next President. And the propaganda "news" outlets are telling us to accept it or suffer the consequences. 

Our republic is being destroyed right before our eyes. The United States is becoming just another weakened player in the game of the global elite. Our Constitution no longer matters. Stay silent. Comply. Wear your mask. Beg for the vaccine. Enjoy your servitude. 

People have had enough.

We went to DC. We protested. Peacefully. 

Unfortunately, our evil opponents infiltrated us and created chaos. Congress was invaded and occupied. That's not a bad thing, since the Capital is OUR building. But the corrupt news media and weak politicians turned it all against us and called it an "insurrection". Immediately, people who were trying to save our nation became criminals. 

Patriots have been arrested. More will be in the coming days. 

And the corrupt politicians who have become millionaires at our expense? They're lying to us. And they're laughing at us.

Our great nation has been overthrown by evil, greedy, politicians who hate us. But they live lives of luxury in mansions paid for by corruption and treason. They should be hanging from ropes. But instead, they keep on lying and they keep on destroying everything the United States stands for.

The talking heads in the news media, including our so called allies, are telling us the DC protests were wrong. Well what should we do? Our elected officials ignore us. The media spreads lies. Elections are rigged. Social media silences us. What are we supposed to do? Sit quiet while totalitarianism destroys everything? 

No. Hell no!

We find the truth. We stand by the truth. We fight for the truth. And in truth, we find freedom.

It will be messy. It will be dirty. It will be inconvenient. It will be painful.

But it must be done.

We'll lose friends. We'll lose jobs. We'll lose security. Still, it must be done.

Humanity wasn't created to be slaves. 

Our potential has no limits. We are the children of  God. We can, and will, prevail.

And if that means raising a little hell, so be it. We can't be polite with the forces of evil.

We must be strong. And we must fight until we win and ascend.

You aren't a slave. You're a child of God. The power is yours, if you embrace it.

Evil can be defeated, if you fight it. 

Freedom is yours. If you work for it.



Today The Silent Majority Got Loud.

At the time that I’m writing this, there is still a fragment of hope that Congress will not accept the electoral votes for the corrupt Joe Biden and his wretched choice for Vice President, Kamala Harris. But that hopes fades by the minute as one after the other Republican politician caves in to the Left, sending the United States down a solid path to Marxism. One of our last hopes was the runoff election in Georgia, but even that is looking like a another likely win for the Democrats. Not an honest win, of course. Anyone who has been to the fine southern state of Georgia knows Socialist candidates can’t win there, but there was also no way Joe Biden could have beaten Donald Trump in the Presidential election, but here we are. We’re here because the Democratic Party is a gang of traitorous criminals backed by misinformed followers who worship their party with cult-like fanaticism. Democratic voters have proven repeatedly over the past 4 years that facts don’t matter and living in denial of the truth is perfectly acceptable as long as their radical agenda moves forward. In their defense, the public has been fed a non-stop diet of propaganda and outright lies about Trump since even before his inauguration. And the truth about Deep State criminal activity has been kept out of sight. But we live in an information age, so the truth is out there, but intellectual laziness stops many people from finding it.

Millions of patriotic Americans are angry and fed up with the corruption and the lies, and many are now marching in DC in a large protest against the rigged election and the state of our government in general.

Although the Marxist Fascist news media will continue to promote their side as the side of rational thinking and democracy while painting the protesters as unhinged dangerous white nationalists or “Trumpsters” or whatever slur they choose, the truth is that the dangerous people are the Democrats, spineless Republicans, the media that profits from both. Here’s some of the latest from the swamp:

Democratic Representative Johnson said: Trump Should Be ‘Perp-Walked to the Jail’ Like ‘Black Folks’ Have Been.

Democratic Representative Omar says she’s drawing up new articles of impeachment against President Trump.

Republican Senator Burr said: ‘the President bears responsibility’ for the riots at the U.S. Capitol, but Burr is taking no responsibility at all for his failure to serve his constituents in North Carolina which likely led to pent-up frustration among the DC protesters.

Radical Leftist and former star Sean Penn appeared to suggest President Trump take cyanide: “May Well Be a Road Worth Your Exploration”, he reportedly said.

Facebook and Twitter removed a video by President Trump urging protesters to peacefully return home and respect law enforcement. Why? This action probably resulted in even more anger and violence, and shows a lack of corporate responsibility by the social tech companies.

Police shot and killed an unarmed protester who was behind a locked and barricaded door. The mainstream media is quiet about it.

As much as I’d prefer that peaceful solutions can be found, our political system is broken and dominated by greedy politicians who do the bidding of China or whoever else gives them cash. The 2020 elections were an outrageous display of voter fraud nationwide. And whatever happens today and in the coming days, the Marxist Fascist news media – CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, The Washington Post, Fox News, The New York Times, and many others – are significantly responsible and have blood on their hands. And so do countless Senators, Representatives, Governors, Mayors, and an endless list of DC bureaucrats.

But they need to pay attention to today and make no mistake about it: the silent majority is now awake, and we won’t be silent anymore.

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