State Authorities Are Conditioning Us For Vaccine Checkpoints.

North Carolina began its "Booze It and Lose It" campaign many years ago. It's a campaign that's allegedly carried out to get drunk drivers off the street. Law enforcement officials set up roadblocks that include flood lights, dozens of police cars, and even a super expensive mobile lab and magistrate's office, all paid for by taxpayers without their consent. I've argued since the beginning that these roadblocks, or "checkpoints" as the state likes to call them, are nothing but fishing expeditions that allow the state to reel in anyone unlucky enough to encounter one. They aren't just looking for drunk drivers. They check driver's licenses and license tags, they look for narcotics, and some unlucky motorists have their licenses checked for outstanding warrants. The only probable cause is that you just happen to be driving on a public road. In addition to being fishing expeditions, I've also said that these Soviet style roadblocks are being done to condition us to the idea that we can be stopped at any time for any reason (or no reason at all) and forced to show our papers to the authorities.

In the past few years the Booze It and Lose It campaign hasn't been very active. I haven't seen one for quite a while, but tonight on a 4 lane divided highway in a rural area nowhere near a restaurant or bar, traffic was backed up for almost a half mile. The reason? A DWI checkpoint was in full force. Everyone in the southbound lane was being delayed and inspected. I had to wonder, why here? Why inconvenience so many people on a stretch of highway so far away from where people are likely to be partying and drinking?

And then it came to me: the Booze It and Lost It campaign has been brought back to life by our Democrat Governor Roy Cooper to condition us for vaccine checkpoints. Cooper, an anti-science lap boy of the New World Order, has promoted face masks, lockdowns, social distancing, and vaccines. If he thought he could away with it, he'd endorse mandatory jabs and vaccine passports. Right now those ideas would fail in North Carolina if pushed statewide, but if liberal cities like Raleigh, Greensboro, Charlotte, and Asheville decided to require vaccines, I have no doubt Cooper would let it happen even if it violated NC laws. How do you enforce mandatory vaccines? Set up checkpoints and ask for proof of vaccination. Of course it wouldn't be a vaccine checkpoint. It would be a DWI checkpoint. But vaccine status would be part of it.

I could be wrong, but I've got a pretty good track record on predicting what the government might do. And right now I'm finding it really odd that DWI checkpoints are being done at a time when most people stay home and drink and so much of the world is being subjected to tyranny in the name of COVID, an illness with a better than 99.7% survival rate. 

Will "show me your papers" become our new normal?

Do You Trust Your Government?

1951: Water fluoridation becomes official U.S. Public Health Service policy. Over the next several years fluoride became a regular addition to drinking water across the nation. The government and the American Dental Association told the public that fluoride was "safe and effective" based on studies funded by the chemical industry. But fluoride is a waste product of the fertilizer industry which needed to find a cheaper way to dispose of the waste. The fluoridated water campaign then began, and now the public pays the chemical industry for a neurotoxin, turning a waste expense into a profitable product. Some fluoride comes from China, which ironically doesn't add the chemical to their own water. Many dentists have now come out and said that fluoride has no benefit for teeth and in fact it makes our teeth and bones brittle.

1976: A U.S. government health official predicted that a new form of the flu would kill a million people. This was based on research after one person died in February of the same year. Blood work of the deceased man gave scientists a fright. Researchers at the Centers for Disease Control thought that what was happening could be a new, even deadlier strain of the flu that was genetically close to the 1918 Spanish Flu. The U.S. government decided that 80% of the population would need to be vaccinated, so a fast-track vaccine program was launched. The World Health Organization came to the conclusion that the virus wasn't closely related to the Spanish Flu, so it didn't back the United State's effort. Our government, likely at the urging of the pharmaceutical companies, decided to move forward alone. Once the vaccines began to be administered, adverse reactions began, including approximately 450 people with Guillain-Barre syndrome. Once news of this got out, and the public learned there really was no viral epidemic, the vaccination program ended.

2020/2021: This story is still being written, but what we know so far is that governments around the world used a fear-based psychological campaign to convince the public a super deadly pandemic was sweeping the globe and the death toll would be enormous. Even though year over year deaths barely increased from 2019, the public believed the lies and world governments and their news media partners kept the fear alive with daily case counts and false reports that hospitals were being overrun with COVID-19 patients. Several vaccines, which didn't fit the legal definition of vaccines, were rushed to market. These were actually experimental gene therapy injections, but the public was not given informed consent. Adverse reactions began to be reported right away, including thousands of deaths, heart attacks, blood clots, strokes, Guillain-Barre syndrome, and uncontrollable tremors. As of today, the government and the news media have been completely silent about both the deaths and the other adverse reactions despite the data being available on CDC websites, for anyone who looked. Doctors and scientists who have spoken up about the dangers of the vaccines have been threatened and censored.

Know Evil By Its Deeds.

The Covid vax is an experimental gene therapy injection that has killed thousands of people and injured tens of thousands more. Even so, governments around the world want to force people to take the jab. In India the police throw people to the ground and then medically rape them with mRNA poison shots. Law enforcement officers in California have been videotaped assaulting autistic children while nurses force needles into their arms. It's illegal. It's immoral. But it's happening.

We have to stand up and demand an end to this madness.

Any government that forces medical experiments on any person is evil. Even if that government is our own.

You Have The Right To Hate.

On June 8 2021 the Marxist Fascist leader of Canada, Justin Trudeau, stated "There isn't freedom to hate. Hatred, hate speech is not allowed in Canada." Trudeau, being the towel boy for the new world order, is a convenient target in the battle for free speech, but he's hardly the only authoritarian tyrant trying to control what free people are allowed to think and say. We've heard similar statements from Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, Xi Jinping, and too many other self-important psychopaths. These mentally defective control freaks think they can tell us what emotions we're allowed to have, and where we're allowed to express them. 

Hate isn't the only emotion they try to control. The Covid lockdowns have shown they also want to control happiness and joy. Obsolete drug and sex laws show they want to control pleasure and lust. Actually, if you could get them to be honest for a moment, they might admit they want to control all of our emotions, if not life itself. 

The key word here is "control". For psychopaths, control is the most important thing. It's not a matter of morality. It's not a matter of what's best for society. All that matters to them is being in charge and controlling you and your behavior. They want to own you. And they'll use the force of the government to make it happen.

But they'll lie and tell you they do it for the good of society.

Never believe a psychopath. Not even a psychopath with an impressive government title.

But believe this: you have the right to hate. And you have the right to talk about it. No politician has the right to silence you.

Sure, it would be better if we all loved each other and sang to one another around a campfire. But that's not the real world. We have different opinions, different histories, different perspectives. This causes friction and misunderstandings. And face it: some people are simply disgusting, difficult, immoral, unpleasant, and worthy of being hated. Why should the government force you to like such people? Obviously, it shouldn't.

But spineless political opportunists like Trudeau score popularity points by scolding you for not being completely tolerant of even the most intolerant people.

You have the right to hate. It's a basic human emotion. Emotions, both good and bad, are part of what make us human. Any attempts by the "authorities" to control emotions seem suspiciously related to the transhumanist movement, which wants to destroy our souls and turn us into obedient semi-human slaves to the ruling elite.

So think what you want. Feel what you want. Express your emotions.

Don't let the Trudeau's of the world silence you. Humanity finds itself when it can express itself. And we have a lot to say.

Unfit To Lead.

The two most powerful politicians in America, both senior citizens, both showing serious signs of dementia. These are the people protecting you from harm.

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