Are Insurance Companies Expecting A National Disaster?

A confidential source forwarded this ad to me from an insurance inspector's professional association. Underwriter Services Association is "establishing a directory of insurance inspectors" who own RV's and are willing to set up base camps all over the nation. It appears the goal is to have inspectors strategically placed nationwide in advance of need. In normal situations insurance companies use inspectors who work in territories close to their permanent homes. In the event of a disaster such as a hurricane, FEMA will send in contracted inspectors to help in the claims process, but this happens after the disaster has happened. Anticipating a disaster and having inspectors already set up in base camps, or at least pre-screened and ready to roll, is very alarming. It suggests the insurance companies have information about a large event they think they need to prepare for now.

What could they be preparing for? Natural disasters? Riots? A mass casualty event? Maybe it's nothing but proactive risk management to calm the nerves of investors. But considering the current state of the nation I suspect some well-connected insurance company executives are trying to get in front of something big that the rest of us don't see coming.

Jobs For The Unvaccinated.

Are you a victim of the no jab/no job insanity? Has your employer announced a forced medical experiment policy that's making you anxious about the future? Don't despair! There's a growing number of resources being created to help you find employers who aren't mandating the jabs. Here are some of them. And as more become available I'll post them on my "Resources For The Resistance" page right here at and If you know of others I should include please send me an email. job board


No Vax Jabs Mandate job board on GAB


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Robert Kiyosaki Says The Dollar Will Soon Be Worthless. Get Ready.

Best-selling author and financial trainer Robert Kiyosaki says the United States is bankrupt and our currency will soon be worthless. Unfortunately, all other fiat currencies will also be worthless since their values are indexed to the US Dollar. If he's right, there's way no for most of us to avoid huge losses, but we can protect ourselves to some degree by investing in gold, silver, and cryptocurrency. Watch this video and take action while you still can. 

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