Expect To Get Wet.

All great things are preceded by chaos: wind, thunder, waves, darkness, anxiety, fear. Expect to get wet.

Let Chaos Free Your Mind.

"You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star." -- Friedrich Nietzsche

Know Your Enemy.

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Brian Stelter of CNN and Keith Olbermann of a distant psychiatric ward are nothing but tools of the Marxist Fascism movement. They cannot be trusted with anything at anytime.

Executed In A Kindly Manner.

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Today's Marxists are remarkably good at forgetting history, or at least, ignoring it. A visit to their bright and engaging websites reveals no mention of the horrors of Marxism. Imprisonment, torture, and genocide are all part of Marxism in both its flavors: Communism and Socialism. In Stalin's engineered famine of 1932 and 1933, scholars estimate that somewhere between 7 million and 10 million people died in the Soviet Union, most from starvation. In his book 'Death By Government', political scientist R.J. Rummel stated that approximately 110 million people, foreign and domestic, were killed by Communist democide from 1900 to 1987. Marxism is a political ideology that has failed over and over, leaving too many bodies in its wake. Despite all the suffering it inflicts upon people, it continues to exist to this day, and it's growing in the United States using recruiting websites full of lies and aided by a news media and education system that refuses to speak the truth.

We're only a short jump away from losing our freedom and becoming a Communist nation. From there, friends and neighbors will begin turning us in for not complying to the new way and for holding on to our radical ideas of defending the US Constitution. 

Work and re-education camps in the United States? Yes, you can count on it. And genocide follows.

Know Your Enemy.

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Conspiracy theorist Rachel Maddow of MSNBC and Don Lemon of the CNN propaganda network.

Up Is Down And Fiction Is Truth. Welcome To The Fake Reality Of The Left.


I watch in bewilderment when I see educated people pledge allegiance to the Left and the insanity for which it stands. I see decent, law abiding people putting the Democratic Party ahead of their own country. Reality, which can clearly be seen by any normal person, is seen as something totally different by some. How can that be? How can scientific advice from one set of researchers be considered the truth but scientific advice from another set of equally talented researchers be dismissed as fake? How can someone see a city being burned to the ground and senior citizens brutally attacked and then delude themselves into thinking it's a peaceful protest? How do they justify the cancel culture and then say they support free speech? Or, in the disgusting case of Bette Midler, how can they defend this washed up actress viciously and disgustingly attacking Melania Trump's accent but claim to love immigrants and multiculturalism? 

It's all quite confusing. 

Until you spend some time in the land of the Left, and then it becomes much more clear. Before I go on, let me just explain that I lived in that land for several years. I was never a great Leftist, but I supported many things that liberals and the Left supported in the earlier years, like internet neutrality, the end of endless wars, and equal rights for all. But over time, things changed, and liberal organizations began veering very hard to the Left. Almost overnight, it seemed, tolerance disappeared. Discussing ideas and disagreeing with official positions was something you did at your own risk. I saw firsthand you could be asked to leave someone's home just for having a different opinion than they had. I saw a good friend go into a near rage when he learned I owned a handgun. I still remember the glaring anger in his eyes over such a simple thing. You would think I told him I killed babies for fun. Wait, I probably would have been congratulated for that. We got past that moment, for a while, but I became increasingly frustrated by unknown and unseen forces dictating what I should and should not believe. For example, I'm all for gay and lesbian rights, not super rights, just equal rights. But then it became known that bisexuals had to be included. OK. I can live with that. But soon after, transgender people where thrown into the mix, so GLB became GLBT. A lot of gay people were not okay with that but it's not like there was a vote or anything. It was just a command from beyond that people eventually accepted. And then "Q" was added and that really confused people. Q stands for queer but who are they? How are the Q's different from the GLBT's? Things were getting weird, but again, there was no vote on the matter. Accept it and shut up. Some people did shut up but then bullying began and it became obvious that compliance was going to be enforced. It was sort of an organic compliance. There was no single person or group organizing the bullying. It just seemed to emerge from the liberal collective. From there, on all kinds of issues, compliance became the rule, with bullying and shaming used as weapons. Attacks on people's jobs and families came next. And that morphed into the entire cancel culture which has done immeasurable damage to our society. 

So we're back to my first paragraph, wondering how all this madness took root and why apparently sane people are taken in by it all. Well once you've been in it and escaped, as I have, it becomes very obvious what's going on. It's propaganda, just like the Left has been using since Karl Marx first picked up a pen. It's everywhere, spreading around the globe like a deadly virus but now it's digital, moving at the speed of light. It's on thousands of websites, and they all stick to the same narrative which reinforces their lies so that the lies look like the truth. If all the top liberal websites say the sky is green, and they say it over and over and shame anyone who still sees it as blue, eventually everyone will agree and admire their new green sky. No amount of scientific data will convince them otherwise. The Left has turned lying into an art form. Generally speaking, whatever they say is the opposite of the truth. They claim to support a free democracy, yet their candidates are harsh authoritarians. They compare Trump to Hitler, yet all over the nation, indeed all over the world, elected officials from the Left are the ones taking away freedoms, locking down populations and destroying jobs using a virus as an excuse, and forcing "hate crime" laws upon us to control not only our behavior but also our thoughts. They paint conservatives as Nazi's which is completely contrary to what conservatives actually believe in. But they don't care about the truth. They have an agenda and if they have to lie that's completely acceptable to them. How they get there doesn't matter. They'll slander you, physically attack you, ruin your life, burn down your city, or even kill you. History shows that's true. They don't care about the damage or the harm or the pain they inflict.

These are dangerous people.

I was researching free speech earlier today and one of the search results was for a group called "Free Speech TV" and naturally I wanted to check it out to see if it was a good resource. In reality it's a hard Left propaganda site pretending to support free speech. The entire site is anti-Trump, pro-Socialist garbage. There's not one ounce of criticism toward any candidate from the Democratic Party. It should be named "We Hate America TV" but that would be honest and the Left is never honest. Consider Amy Goodman, the Communist who hosts the radio show "Democracy Now". Her entire show complains about America, promotes Marxism, and defends everything ever done by the Palestinians. Black Lives Matter is another fraudulent organization. Go to their website and see what they really stand for. They don't care about black people. BLM exists to promote Marxism and they use racism as a cover to gain public support. Half the homes in my neighborhood have "Black Lives Matter" signs in their yards and are occupied by white liberals who probably have no idea what they're really supporting. I give BLM credit for their branding, though. You can't criticize them without looking like a racist, even if your intent is to expose them as the racists that they actually are. And if you say black lives matter, in the most generic way possible, you're still promoting a racist Marxist organization. So good job, BLM, on your branding, but you're still a horrible, hate filled organization.

Space permitting, I could list hundreds of authoritarian, socialist, freedom-hating organizations and websites that hide behind wonderful sounding names that could compel you to support them. Often their true goals are far more sinister than their websites suggest.

But I'll give them one break: they have to lie. If they told people the truth, no one would support them. Lying is the only way the Democratic Party can win an election. Brainwashing kids in school is the only way students can be convinced that America is so evil that it's OK to commit domestic terrorism and risk decades in prison. 

The Left lies. It does it all day, every day. It never stops. So when your neighbor or relative puts up a BLM sign in their yard or starts complaining about that fascist in the White House, stand your ground but have a little pity too. The propaganda they're exposed to is relentless and very powerful. It becomes their reality. Up becomes down. Fiction becomes truth. And what they call freedom is actually enslavement. 

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