Is This What China's Zero COVID Policy Really About?

A protester holds a sign that reads "Zero COVID is a domestic rehearsal for the state of war to invade Taiwan".

For months the CCP has subjected millions of people to daily invasive testing, in-home imprisonment, and extended stays in covid camps. Some have suggested that this nothing but a cover for a military build-up for a war with Taiwan or the United States. Those covid camps we've seen in videos smuggled out of the country could actually be prisoner of war camps. Given the current state of China's economy and the civil unrest there we're now seeing, I doubt they're in any condition to start a land invasion of the US, but Taiwan could definitely be in their crosshairs. Is it a coincidence that a massive 90,000 unit covid camp is being built in the port city of Guangzhou? That location makes it very strategic as a prisoner of war camp should China invade Taiwan.

Another theory about the lockdowns and testing programs is that it isn't covid at all but rather a fear that some other biological or chemical attack is being used against the Chinese, most likely by western nations such as the US, the UK, France, and Germany. They might not want to admit they're under attack and would therefore keep the covid myth alive.

Given the closed nature of the Chinese society imposed by the CCP, it's unlikely we'll know the truth until it's impossible for it to remain hidden any longer. But if the protester above is correct, bombs could be dropping on Taiwan any day now.

Add that conflict to the war in Ukraine, and we could see world war 3 in 2023.

The international bankers will fund both sides of it, as they have every major conflict for centuries. 

The madness stops when we stop participating in it.

Children Have Been Brainwashed In France.

In the short video below, we see children featured in a French television show in which they're asked questions about forced vaccinations. As their answers prove, these children have been brainwashed by adults, who seem quite pleased with themselves for the way the kids now think.

This is a great example of how evil goes for the children first, for they are the leaders of the future.

Intelligent People Will Be Banned From Thinking.

"Tolerance will reach such a level that intelligent people will be banned from thinking so as not to offend the imbeciles." -- Fyodor Dostoievski

Airport Security Is Obedience Training For Humans.

After the US government assaulted the public with the 9/11 false flag event, corrupt globalist and President George W Bush signed legislation that created the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), an agency designed to be larger than the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and the Border Patrol combined. While the TSA has many duties, the most visible to the public is airport security. The 9/11 false flag event successfully frightened people into thinking that terrorists were lurking behind every luggage carousel and therefore our human dignity and basic rights had to be violated for our own safety. 

With a yearly budget of nearly $10 Billion, the TSA staffed up and installed invasive high tech equipment in airports nationwide. This resulted in a greater tax burden for citizens but no greater security for the nation. What it succeeded in was creating massive hassles and delays for flyers. But mostly it taught us that the government is all-powerful and we had to obey it. You see, it was never really about security. The TSA exists to condition us into accepting continuous surveillance and constant intrusions to our privacy. It teaches us that no one is exempt from luggage searches, x-ray scans, or full-body pat downs that some have compared to government-sanctioned rape. We're herded like cattle, forced to remove belts and shoes, swabbed for bomb residue, scanned by machines that reveal our naked forms, and then barked at by ill-tempered goons with authority complexes. And it's all done in full view of the hundreds of people waiting their turn behind us.

It's obedience training for humans. It's the government saying, "We own you and you'll do as you're told." And it works. When the covid psy-op rolled out in 2020, the same government said, "Lock down, stay home, close your businesses, wear a mask, social distance, get jabbed." And the people obeyed without questioning any of it.

I recently found two short videos that confirm what I've been saying about airport security for many years. The first is from James Corbett in which he too says the TSA's mission is more about compliance and obedience than national security. The second video is from Lee Camp of 'Behind The Headlines'. Camp's reveals how the TSA has done little or nothing to improve flight safety or national security but it has been effective at assaulting innocent travelers.

Take a look at both, and keep all of this in mind the next time you're standing in line at the airport, barefoot and beltless, with a rubber-gloved hand moving up your leg to your crotch.

The TSA (And Other Experiments In Evil):

TSA Has Assaulted Us For 20 Yrs With Nothing To Show For It:

How The Predator Class Is Creating A New Class Of Slaves.

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