Monopoly: The Documentary That Will Change The World.

This documentary by Tim Gielen is amazing. In one hour it explains why our world is so dysfunctional, why it could get much worse, and how we can end human suffering by simply understanding that our misery is engineered by less than 1% of the people who control almost every corporation, government, politician, and financial asset on earth.

Do you want a better life for yourself and your family? 'Monopoly - Who Owns The World' will explain why we're in this situation and how we can defeat the elite and create a new awakening that leads to a better life for every one of us.

Watch it now and share it with everyone you know. You've been a slave for too long. Rise up and find freedom!

Living In A World Of Lies.

"In a world of propaganda, the truth is always a conspiracy." -- Herbert Hildebrandt

We Have To Fight Beyond The Internet.

Blogs, videos, and social media sites have been extremely important in our efforts to educate people and warn them about the fake pandemic, the dangers of face masks and gene therapy jabs, and the ongoing assault on humanity by the lying psychopaths who want to control and enslave us. Despite all the censorship, the internet has been amazingly effective because everyone can jump in and do something to push back against our oppressors. There have been too many of us to silence, and we're getting louder! But we're also reaching the point where online efforts are no longer enough. Just like in politics, the situation is becoming very divided. There are freedom fighters, freedom haters, and a whole bunch of people who aren't on either side and try to tune it all out. The fighters already know the message, the haters refuse to listen to the message, and the rest don't even know there is a message. It's that last group that we have to reach if we're going to win this.

And I don't think we'll be able to reach them in the digital realm where the senses are overwhelmed by news, propaganda, brain-numbing TV shows, and endless cat memes. We have to find another way.

The way forward is to go analog. We've got to get really active in the real world, and that means putting bumper stickers on our cars, wearing shirts with anti-mask and anti-vax themes, distributing flyers door to door in our neighborhoods, handing out brochures to people we meet in the park or in stores, hanging signs & banners in high traffic areas, and having the courage to speak up when we hear someone praising authoritarian garbage like digital passports, mask mandates, and vaxxing children. Our silence implies consent, and we do not consent.

Other real world actions we can take include writing to our city, county, and state elected officials, writing letters to the editor of local newspapers, and letting businesses know we won't be spending any money with them if they comply with illegal government tyranny. 

The internet will still be important in this fight, but we absolutely have to step away from our computers a few hours a week and reach people in different ways. And consider this: a social media account can be instantly deleted by Twitter or Facebook. But the city doesn't have the manpower to take down hundreds of signs taped up on every light pole or stop sign. We can overwhelm the opposition with cheap guerrilla warfare tactics that they won't be able to stop: we are many, they are few.

So get busy. Be creative. Do what they aren't expecting. And let's make sure the world hears us!

You Have The Right To Hate.

On June 8 2021 the Marxist Fascist leader of Canada, Justin Trudeau, stated "There isn't freedom to hate. Hatred, hate speech is not allowed in Canada." Trudeau, being the towel boy for the new world order, is a convenient target in the battle for free speech, but he's hardly the only authoritarian tyrant trying to control what free people are allowed to think and say. We've heard similar statements from Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, Xi Jinping, and too many other self-important psychopaths. These mentally defective control freaks think they can tell us what emotions we're allowed to have, and where we're allowed to express them. 

Hate isn't the only emotion they try to control. The Covid lockdowns have shown they also want to control happiness and joy. Obsolete drug and sex laws show they want to control pleasure and lust. Actually, if you could get them to be honest for a moment, they might admit they want to control all of our emotions, if not life itself. 

The key word here is "control". For psychopaths, control is the most important thing. It's not a matter of morality. It's not a matter of what's best for society. All that matters to them is being in charge and controlling you and your behavior. They want to own you. And they'll use the force of the government to make it happen.

But they'll lie and tell you they do it for the good of society.

Never believe a psychopath. Not even a psychopath with an impressive government title.

But believe this: you have the right to hate. And you have the right to talk about it. No politician has the right to silence you.

Sure, it would be better if we all loved each other and sang to one another around a campfire. But that's not the real world. We have different opinions, different histories, different perspectives. This causes friction and misunderstandings. And face it: some people are simply disgusting, difficult, immoral, unpleasant, and worthy of being hated. Why should the government force you to like such people? Obviously, it shouldn't.

But spineless political opportunists like Trudeau score popularity points by scolding you for not being completely tolerant of even the most intolerant people.

You have the right to hate. It's a basic human emotion. Emotions, both good and bad, are part of what make us human. Any attempts by the "authorities" to control emotions seem suspiciously related to the transhumanist movement, which wants to destroy our souls and turn us into obedient semi-human slaves to the ruling elite.

So think what you want. Feel what you want. Express your emotions.

Don't let the Trudeau's of the world silence you. Humanity finds itself when it can express itself. And we have a lot to say.

Share This Video With Anyone Still Considering The Covid Jab.

This is the best video I've seen that explains the entire Covid-19 vaccine situation: what it is, what it does, what it doesn't do, and what the risks are. Share it with the world, or at least the part of the world you influence!

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