Joe Biden Thinks Rights Are Granted By Him, Not God.

During his March 11 televised speech, Joe Biden said "We will issue further guidance on what you can and cannot do once fully vaccinated." Yes, he really said that. These are the words you'd expect to hear from a dictator, not an American President. Sorry Joe, but our rights aren't granted to us by the government. Have you read the Constitution and Bill of Rights?

If you'd like to download and read your free copy of these crucially important documents, go to US Constitution. An informed public can't be fooled by power-mad politicians.

Find Freedom.

Slavery begins when freedom of speech ends.

We Must Regain Control.

Remember when people who defended our Constitution were called Patriots? What has happened to our nation? We must regain control. The Communists cannot be allowed to destroy us.

Resources For The Resistance

We need to stop the advance of authoritarianism and protect the freedom we still have so that violent conflicts never have to happen. We have to push back against censorship and the entire cancel culture. We have to protect our lines of communication by making sure our domains and sites are safe from being taken down. We have to stop financing companies that want to silence and control us. And most of all, we have to have the courage to say "No" to government authorities who think we work for them instead of the other way around. Speak up, stand your ground, and get involved where you live. Here's a growing list of resources to help you do that.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this blog are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and alignment with my values and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

Video Hosting Platforms










Banned Video

Social Media Sites



Trooth-Global Freedom Movement

Parler - alternative to Twitter


Brighteon Social


WeGo Social





Organizations & Associations

Free Speech Union

Academy of Ideas



Hillsdale College

Democrats Against U.N. Agenda 21

Reclaim The Net

Oath Keepers - Guardians of the Republic

National Vaccine Information Center

Freedom Friendly Tech

FlokiNet web hosting (affiliate link)

Orange Website (affiliate link)

Beaker P2P web browser & site creator


Signal Messaging

Wickr Messaging

DAVOS Custody

Purism (computers, PureOS, and other privacy tech products)

Vivaldi Technologies (web browser)


Icedrive cloud storage (affiliate link)

Privacy Tools

Tor web browser

MetaGer search engine

Qwant search engine

Mojeek search engine

Gibiru search engine

Yippy search engine

Monero cryptocurrency

I2P: The Invisible Internet Project

Proton Technologies (encrypted email, VPN)

Tutanota (encrypted email)

Privacy Tools

Signal Messaging

Wickr Me Messaging

Mullvad VPN (my personal favorite)

Recommended Blogs & Sites

Digital Freedom Platform - London Real

Do Not Comply...Nullify

Gab News

The Unshackled...Breaking The Chains Of Control

David Icke


Restore Privacy

Dan Bongino

FreeSpeechBroadcasting/John Ziegler

The Corbett Report/Propaganda Watch

The Home Gunsmith

Stop World Control

The Fifth Dimension podcast - Evan McDermod


Enemies Of Freedom - Free Speech - Democracy

Never assume that everyone likes freedom. Most people want it for themselves but they may not want it for anyone else. I've made this list of people, corporations, and others who are working to limit or end freedom. This is an ongoing project based on news reports and other public data. If I've missed someone who should be on the list, please let me know.

Key: 1: censorship/cancel culture -- 2: Marxism -- 3: tracking/surveillance/privacy 4: propaganda/misinformation

The List: 

Social Media & Video Sharing:

Facebook (1,2,3,4)

Twitter (1,2,3,4)

LinkedIn (1)

YouTube (1,3)

Vimeo (1)

TikTok (3)

Instagram (1,3)

Reddit (1,4)

Snapchat (1,4)

Ravelry (1)

Discord (1)

SoundCloud (1)

Twitch (1)

Streamlabs (1)

Consumer Products:

Amazon (1)

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream (2)

Trek-Segafredo (1)

Pinterest (1)

Etsy (1)

Printiful (1)

Shopify (1)

Simon & Schuster book publishers (1) 

Forbes Magazine (1)

Marriott (1)

Blue Cross Blue Shield (1)

Boston Scientific (1)

Teespring (1)

Sephora (1)

Tech, FinTech, & Financial Companies: - Firefox browser (1)

Amazon (1)

Google (1,2,3)

Microsoft (1,3)

Spotify (1)

Squarespace (1) (1)

AT&T (3)

Microsoft and Bing (1,3)

ConvertKit (1)

GoFundMe (1)

PayPal (1)

Stripe (1)

MasterCard (1)

Visa (1)

Tumblr (1)

Apple (1,3)

Sony (1,3)

MailChimp (1)

Campaign Monitor (1)

WhatsApp (3)

J.P. Morgan Chase (1)

Citigroup (1)

Goldman Sachs (1)

Morgan Stanley (1)

Patreon (1)

Square Inc. (1)

Professional Bank (1)

Deutsche Bank (1) (1)

ScyllaDB (1)

Twilio Inc (1)

Slack Technologies Inc (1)

Cloudflare (1)

Digital Ocean (1)

Bank of America (3)

News Media:

CNN (1,4)

MSNBC (1,2,4)

The New York Times (1,4)

The Washington Post (1,4)

CBS News (1,4)

NBC News (1,4)

NPR (1,2,4)

BBC (1,4)

Time Magazine (1,4)

Misc Content Providers:

Wikipedia (1,4) (1,2,4)

Other Entities:

World Economic Forum

United Nations (UN)

World Health Organization (WHO)

Chinese Communist Party (CCP)

Democratic Party (United States)

Republican Party (United States)

United States CIA - Central Intelligence Agency

Workers World Party

Freedom Road Socialist Organization

Communist Party USA

Revolutionary Communist Party

Black Lives Matter


The Timo Malum Story.

It took a couple of months to launch this blog. In the past I've created blogs in a day.

But you can no longer pick the easiest blog platform to build a site like you could in the past. Many of them censor content or destroy blogs entirely without warning and all your work disappears. I've had at least 3 blogs wiped out by Tumblr and they don't reply when you write to ask why or to get your site reinstated. They just don't care. Squarespace and have both been in the news lately for taking down blogs that posted information that went against the current official narratives we're all expected to believe. Web hosting companies have been guilty of the same kind of censorship, and others have caved in to government demands to seize or take down material.

And this is all cheered on by the news media and big tech companies like Google, YouTube, Facebook, and especially Twitter. Twitter is now considered one of the biggest enemies of free speech in the entire world, and yet people still use it. 

So when I decided to launch a new blog devoted to freedom of all kinds, but especially freedom of speech, I had to take my time and be very careful about how I did it. A mistake could take me down. And it's not like I'm posting instructions on how to build a bomb or telling people to kill puppies. That's what would get you in trouble in the past. Now, just talking about freedom can infuriate a radical leftist to the point that he tries to "doxx" you, which is an attempt to learn your true identity, address, and work information. He wants this information so he can disrupt your life, get you fired, and convince social media and tech companies to cancel your online presence and wipe you off the internet. You see, they don't like debate. But they do like to shout you down and shut you down. They have no tolerance for opposing opinions. When they promote free speech, the Left is talking about their free speech, not anyone else's. Everyone else is expected to shut up and comply.

Not me. I will not comply.

Nor will I fall into the trap of partisan politics or the simplistic Left/Right framework. I don't belong to any political party. My goal is freedom, and anyone who attacks freedom is my target. There are bad players on all sides and I'm not going to give up one freedom to preserve another. They all have to be preserved and fiercely protected or humanity loses, forever trapped on what will become a prison planet. 

I've been predicting a totalitarian world since my days in high school, but honestly I didn't think I'd live to see it happen. But here it is.

It's time to get busy. We've got everything to lose.

Timo Malum

Contact me: (SPAM is filtered and discarded so don't waste your time.)

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