No Escape.

Those who are responsible will be held accountable. Crimes against humanity will not go unpunished. There is no escape for the guilty.

Your Silence Is Killing People.

The world spent $1735 Billion on war in 2012. It would take approximately $135 Billion to eradicate poverty.

The world's wealthiest people could end poverty but they don't really care about us. And the rest of us could force change if we stopped pretending this problem doesn't exist.

More than 150 million people are homeless, worldwide. More than 600 million people live in extreme poverty, making less than two dollars a day. And more than 3 million children die from hunger every year.

And now you know, what are you going to do to make a difference?

The Core Of The Problem.

"The willingness of the masses of men to obey the laws of man and not the laws of God are the core of the problem. Men have acquiesced to man-made law rather than personally choosing good over evil, truth over falsehood and integrity over corruption. In such surrender, the individual finds ease and comfort in the moment but is swept along to participate in crimes of almost unimaginable gravity." -- Simon Elmer 

Stop Government Violence.

Governments around the world are trying to censor speech, saying words incite violence. It's time they stop lying and admit, governments are the cause of most violence in the world. Wars and other conflicts have been used for centuries to cull populations, control the public, overthrow democracies, exploit resources, expand power, and create profits for bankers.

The public is tricked into supporting wars by the use of fake threats, false flag events, and appeals to patriotism.

No one wins but the predators who control the world and use it for personal gain. Everyone else loses.

Stop being deceived. Stop government violence.

Know The Real Terrorists.

Our corrupt government is always warning about terrorists, but they never admit that THEY are the real terrorists. The US government, often working with the governments of the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Israel, create and fund the vast majority of terrorism in the world. Terrorism is big business for governments, tech companies, and defense contractors, and it's often used as an excuse to take away human freedoms. 

I'm not saying there aren't some bad people out there who want to hurt us, but it's delusional to think they "hate us for our freedoms" as George W Bush used to say. Actually they hate us because we overthrow their governments, exploit their natural resources, and keep them in poverty so that bankers and industrialists can enjoy massive profits and wealth.

As the lady's sign says, "The real terrorists are in the White House, Congress, and Wall Street". 

But for some reason the talking heads in the news media never seem to mention this.

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