What Is Being Sprayed On Us By Our Own Government?

Look at the sky on almost any sunny warm day. What do you see? Most likely you'll see strange white exhausts, often miles long, coming from airplanes. Keep watching. The exhausts linger overhead, gradually expanding into clouds. You might even notice a crisscross pattern to the clouds. By the next day the entire sky is overcast. What is going on? 

You're watching geoengineering, the process of attempting to change the earth's weather. It's not a conspiracy theory. It's real. It has the potential to destroy humanity and the planet. And you're paying for it. 

This is a threat you need to know about. And this documentary reveals all.

Who, Or What, Is Behind The Chaos In The World Today?

The world seems to be spiraling into the madness of mass hysteria over a fake pandemic. Face masks, social distancing, the shutdown of all things recreational or dignifying, and 24/7 fear mongering are destroying the bonds that connect humanity. Is the human race being targeted for slavery or even total extinction? And if so, who, or what, is behind it all? David Icke discusses these and other issues in this astonishing video. Watch it with an open mind and you might find it connects the dots on a great many problems that we're facing right now.

Politicians And The News Media Destroyed Humanity.


We're several months into this alleged pandemic and I still don't know anyone who died of Covid-19. I also don't know anyone who knows anyone who died of Covid-19, but the news media pushes out non-stop statistics that seem to suggest people are falling dead in the street all around us. 

Elected officials around the world have used their emergency powers to enslave us and and destroy our businesses, jobs, and incomes. We complain. They don't listen. 

Nothing they've done has worked. But they keep on doing it, ignoring our pain.

Like a carpenter with nothing but a hammer, all they see are nails. New data and research is ignored. There's only one road for our ignorant leaders: Lock downs, hand washing, mandatory masks. Nothing else is considered. Nothing else could possibly work in their limited minds. 

Every alternative is dismissed and ridiculed as fake science, even when it comes from real scientists. Prominent doctors who question the mad science many politicians embrace are marginalized, called "quacks", and even risk having their medical licenses revoked. Facebook, Twitter, and local mayors are given more respect by our corrupt news media than Nobel prize winning scientists. 

In 2020 humanity fell to a new level of insanity and ignorance. We let a virus, which has been relatively harmless compared to past pandemics, destroy our world and open the door to totalitarianism and Fascism. 

I'm sorry, but this post wasn't written to offer hope or a way out. It was written so that someday, maybe, it will be found and future generations of people will gain some understanding of how logic and reason gave way to hysteria and evil.

God help us all.

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