Join The Covid Cult!

Critical thinking is overrated. Join the herd and believe what you're told. Blind obedience to the globalist's plan for world control will put you on the right side of history, assuming they think you're valuable enough to live. Which isn't likely but don't worry about that! Just use your Covid passport and enjoy your favorite concerts and sporting events in your few remaining years. (Disclaimer: "years" could actually be "months". Have your attorney consult with Bill Gates for your specific timeline.)

The Covid Cult And How It Threatens Democracy.

Watch Robert F. Kennedy Jr and Naomi Wolf in a fascinating conversation about freedom, democracy, and the corruption behind the Covid-19 vaccine. 

Kennedy and Wolf are both traditionally liberal Democrats but they are sounding the alarm on how the Democrat Party now embraces censorship and authoritarianism after it made a hard turn to the left. Both have lost friends who will no longer speak to them because they won't give up critical thinking and accept the new Marxist rules of engagement. They suggest that it's time to leave party affiliations behind and come together in the name of freedom.

Also discussed is how Bill Gates' dirty money is affecting public policies around the world, and how Dr Anthony Fauci personally profits from every Moderna Covid-19 vaccine given to an overly trusting public. It's a horrible conflict of interest that no one is holding him accountable for. Everyone needs to see this, but be prepared to be outraged by what you learn. 

THE PUSHBACK From Oracle Films. Watch The World Fight For Freedom.

The psychopaths who control the world are finally being exposed. Humanity is waking up and pushing back against the totalitarian Fascists who want to enslave us. The awakening is happening!

Tens of thousands of people came together in March for a worldwide day of freedom to protest the fabricated medical tyranny that has been forced upon us for the past year. See the protests as well as presentations by top scientists and doctors who present the facts that prove we're being lied to by our governments and the World Health Organization.

This movement is growing and more worldwide protests are planned for 2021. Be a part of it!

Our Children Are Now Being Raised In Fear.

Children should not be wearing medical face masks. The psychological damage could be permanent.

"Our children are now being raised in fear. Fear of each other. Fear of the world. Fear of illnesses, viruses, and even the air they breathe. They are being taught to fear everything. Prolonged fear is terror, and terror becomes trauma. The psychological damage being done is irreversible." -- The Free Thought Project

Surrendering That Which Makes Us Human.

We are voluntarily surrendering everything that makes us human: family, friendships, personal contact, imagination, fun, laughter, truth, faith, hope, togetherness, trust. All because of fear manipulation by psychopathic billionaires.

Had enough?

Zombies In The Market.

I went to a local grocery store this evening. Oh my. What a disturbing scene. I saw people in the parking lot, alone in their cars, wearing face masks. I saw people dutifully putting on their masks before exiting their cars. I saw people walking to the store on a beautiful sunny day, surrounded by pure fresh air, wearing masks. I entered the store and was immediately surrounded by mask wearers. Well okay, that part I understood since our tyrannical Governor has had mask mandates in place for almost a year now and stores are fined if they don't enforce this nonsense. 

What was most striking was the complete lack of compassionate human interaction between the shoppers. I made several attempts to make eye contact and smile, as best as I could with a mask on, with my fellow shoppers. All I got in return were hateful stares and averted eyes, if not complete avoidance. I was shopping in a store full of zombies. 

The same people who used to lean on their neighbors for emotional support now try to evaluate them as potential health risks. Does that person look well? Does he have a fever? He looks a bit pale...if I don't look at him I won't get sick. 

We are in the grip of a global mass hysteria that is leading to a global mass psychosis, and it's all urged on by an even more psychotic bunch of billionaire elitists who think they know what's best for us.

The result is that our friends, co-workers, and neighbors have become frightened zombies, unable or unwilling to think for themselves, and unable or unwilling to connect with each other as humans.

We are unwittingly fulfilling every wish list of the crazed and inhuman technocrats.

Most of us, anyway.

Not me.

I will not comply. I will not become a zombie.

What about you?

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