COVID Vaccine Death Count As Of October 1, 2021.

Here are the latest numbers from the CDC's Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). The deaths continue with no end in sight, and crippling side effects are destroying thousands of lives. Yet the news media, elected officials, and others taking Big Pharma bribes stay silent except to falsely claim the vaccines are "safe and effective". These numbers prove otherwise.

Even more troubling is this chart that shows how serious the COVID vax crisis is: vaccine deaths were consistently low from 1990 until the end of 2020. As soon as the experimental COVID jabs began the deaths soared. How many deaths will be considered too many? Will this medical terrorism ever end or are we on the way to global genocide?

Data source: The OpenVAERS project

COVID Death Cult Claims More Victims.

(Data courtesy of the OpenVAERS project)

Although the death count seems to have slowed down, there's still been an unacceptable number of fatalities and life-changing injuries attributed to the fake vaccines. (I suspect the data is being manipulated to show fewer deaths & injuries.)

And in a shocking display of irresponsible behavior, the news media, our elected officials, unelected bureaucrats, and hospital representatives are putting out daily propaganda that attempts to scare the unvaccinated into taking the experimental gene therapy jabs. None of these masters of misinformation ever mention adverse side effects. The narrative never changes: "get vaccinated or die", and "it's safe and effective". 

But the evidence is clear: the vaccines are not safe and effective and they could end your life. 

Anyone who won't discuss this is probably not working in your best interest. So who are they working for?

The Latest VAERS Data: The Death Count Keeps Climbing.

Data courtesy of the Open VAERS project.

The death count keeps climbing. The injuries are heartbreaking. Yet elected and un-elected officials around the world are pushing these toxic jabs with increasing intensity. They know the harm that is being done and they don't care. It's obvious this has nothing to do with the public's health. There is something sinister and malevolent behind the obsession with vaccinating every person on the planet. And we're running out of time to stop it.

VAERS COVID Vaccine Adverse Reaction Data Through July 30, 2021.

The numbers keep climbing but the corporate news media and Biden's White House refuse to mention it. This is the first vaccine that has been relentlessly pushed upon the public while intentionally suppressing data on the number of people the vaccine has killed or otherwise seriously harmed. Any politician, media figure, or medical professional who pushes these jabs without giving the public complete informed consent needs to be tried in a court of law and charged with crimes against humanity under the Nuremberg Code.  

Amazingly, in complete contrast to what the CDC's own data shows, Dr Brent McQuaid, lead COVID-19 physician with Cone Health in Greensboro NC said: “Sometimes, it helps to talk common sense numbers. Last year, I saw 6,000 patients sick with COVID. I've cared for zero patients who have had complications with the vaccine. Those numbers just speak for itself.” 

I have to wonder what parallel universe Dr McQuaid is living in. Unfortunately, there are many doctors who are downplaying the deaths and side effects, and it makes me wonder if Big Pharma's money and influence is driving this disconnect from reality. Even if not, I wouldn't trust my health to any doctor who promotes these vaccinations as safe and effective when the evidence overwhelmingly shows they are neither safe nor effective.

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Plandemic 2: Indoctornation

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Updated VAERS COVID Vaccine Data For July.

Current data through July 09 2021 as reported to the CDC's VAERS system. Deaths are above 10,000 now, but politicians continue to push these dangerous jabs. Who is paying them to endanger the public?

10,991 deaths, 30,781 hospitalizations, 59,402 urgent care visits, 82,535 office visits, 2,487 instances of anaphylaxis, and 2,885 reports of Bell's palsy. And notice the heart attack figure: 3,906. 

But we're still being told the vax is "safe and effective". When will someone be held accountable for all these deaths and injuries?

Chart courtesy of the OpenVaers project.

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