Updated VAERS COVID Vaccine Data For July.

Current data through July 09 2021 as reported to the CDC's VAERS system. Deaths are above 10,000 now, but politicians continue to push these dangerous jabs. Who is paying them to endanger the public?

10,991 deaths, 30,781 hospitalizations, 59,402 urgent care visits, 82,535 office visits, 2,487 instances of anaphylaxis, and 2,885 reports of Bell's palsy. And notice the heart attack figure: 3,906. 

But we're still being told the vax is "safe and effective". When will someone be held accountable for all these deaths and injuries?

Chart courtesy of the OpenVaers project.

Latest Vaccine Adverse Reactions Data From The U.K.

Similar to the VAERS reporting system in the United States, the United Kingdom has a system they call the "Yellow Card". Here is the latest data for the UK as of July 08, 2021:

1,470 fatalities attributed to the Covid vax in the UK alone. Why hasn't this medical experiment been stopped?

(chart courtesy of UKColumn.org)

Dr Vernon Coleman Predicts The Next Ten Things The Conspirators Will Do To Us.

Dr Vernon Coleman has a perfect track record on predicting what to expect from the Covid hoax and the related tactics to control humanity. Watch this video so you can prepare yourself and your family for what's coming next. 

"This is a war between the informed and the ignorant, the courageous and the cowardly, the dignified and the undignified, the respectful and disrespectful. Unless we win this war we are all going to die except for the evil elite." -- Dr Vernon Coleman

Dr Lee Merritt On Vaccine Mind Control And Medical Madness.

Mike Adams talks with Dr Lee Merritt about the latest research on vaccine side effects, how the medical profession has behaved during the Covid bio-war, the mass psychosis that even affects doctors, and what may be behind it all. This is one interview you don't want to miss!

Updated VAERS COVID Vaccine Data.

Here is the latest data, updated through June 11, 2021, on adverse reactions from Covid-19 experimental gene therapy injections, commonly but inaccurately called "vaccines" by Big Pharma and their propagandists in the news media.

Deaths: 5,993. Hospitalizations: 20,737. Urgent Care: 47,837. Doctor's Office Visits: 65,623. Anaphylaxis: 1,538. Bell's Palsy: 1,868. Life Threatening Events: 6,157. Heart Attacks: 2,323. Myocarditis and/or Pericarditis: 1,342. Thrombocytopenia/Low Platelet: 1,671. Miscarriages: 692. Severe Allergic Reactions: 16,275. Disabled: 4,874. 

Keep in mind that VAERS data represents less than 10% of actual reactions. Most are not reported to the system.

This information is provided by the OpenVAERS project using data from the CDC.

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