When In The Presence Of Evil...

Joe Biden's endless lies may cause nausea and vomiting. Whenever possible, avoid the sound of his voice.

The Covid Cult And How It Threatens Democracy.

Watch Robert F. Kennedy Jr and Naomi Wolf in a fascinating conversation about freedom, democracy, and the corruption behind the Covid-19 vaccine. 

Kennedy and Wolf are both traditionally liberal Democrats but they are sounding the alarm on how the Democrat Party now embraces censorship and authoritarianism after it made a hard turn to the left. Both have lost friends who will no longer speak to them because they won't give up critical thinking and accept the new Marxist rules of engagement. They suggest that it's time to leave party affiliations behind and come together in the name of freedom.

Also discussed is how Bill Gates' dirty money is affecting public policies around the world, and how Dr Anthony Fauci personally profits from every Moderna Covid-19 vaccine given to an overly trusting public. It's a horrible conflict of interest that no one is holding him accountable for. Everyone needs to see this, but be prepared to be outraged by what you learn. 

A Plague Of Devils.

The entire world seems to be consumed in fear and confusion. American cities are on fire thanks to Communists and the lack of leadership in Washington DC and many left-leaning states. Our southern border is being flooded with illegal immigrants invited here by our illegitimate President Joe Biden, the same President who is looking around the globe for a place to start a new war. We're told climate change and rising temperatures are existential threats to humanity at the same time that the Earth is cooling. Covid-19 is constantly in the news. People are bragging about taking experimental gene therapy injections misrepresented as vaccines against a virus that has never been proven to exist. Businesses remain closed. Actually, only small businesses remain closed. The ones owned by huge corporations are operating as usual but with record profits. Now even churches are being shut down, surrounded by fences paid for by taxpayers, and defended by militarized police forces. 

We are living in an age of complete madness. Yet if you look at the mainstream media news outlets, all is well. Things are normal, that is, the new normal. Vaccines are good. Riots help democracy. Small businesses struggling to survive are threats to our health. Laws promoting election integrity are racist. People who refuse to take the fake vaccines are domestic terrorists. Digital vaccine passports are needed if we're ever expected to return to the old "normal", even though the alleged virus has a greater than 98% survival rate. 

Up is down. Down is up. Truth is fiction. Why are people accepting all of this?

It's because we are fighting a plague of devils. 

These devils are the news media and entertainment celebrities who vomit out lies and propaganda 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. New World Order scabs like Joy Behar, Brian Stelter, Don Lemon, Cher, Rachel Maddow, Jimmy Fallon, Norah O'Donnell, Joe Scarborough, Chris Wallace, Joy Reid, and so many others, profit from our pain. They receive their marching orders from low level globalists like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and this mental sewage is spread nationwide to naive trusting viewers coast to coast. Similar things take place in other nations, such as in the United Kingdom where the BBC misleads people with lies from Boris Johnson and company. Of course all of this garbage comes from more centralized sources of misinformation such as the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, and the World Health Organization. And if you didn't already know, WHO is largely funded by the technocrat psychopath Bill Gates, who is a close ally to Dr Anthony Fauci. 

These power mad puppets of the super wealthy global elite hate us. They despise us. We're drinking their water. We're breathing their air. We're eating their food. We're occupying space they think we don't deserve. They are the elite. They are special. We're just useless eaters. 

And so they turn their media propaganda machine against us. They turn man against man, woman against woman, race against race, nation against nation. The lies don't matter. Only their complete domination against us matters. And the news media and the entertainment industry, and the fools they employ who think they'll get a place at the table, are fully willing to sell us out and lie to us to help these psychopathic elitists crush us like tiny stupid ants.

Many of us ignore the mainstream media and the vacant-headed celebrities. We know they are tools. We know propaganda when we see it. But so many of our friends, neighbors, and relatives can't see it. They believe the lies because they don't know any better, and because lies are often more comfortable than the truth.

So they keep quiet and they dutifully comply. They keep their masks on, even when they're alone. They embrace censorship and surveillance as things that protect them. They begin to think of others as dirty and diseased.  They take the deadly vaccines. And they become sick and die, if not right away, soon.

Just like the plague of devils knew they would.

There Is Only One Immediate Existential Threat.

Humanity worldwide is suffering from mass hysteria thanks to psychological manipulation. We're constantly bombarded with warnings about viruses, future pandemics, climate change, food shortages, racism, white supremacists, terrorism, corruption, space aliens, and even rogue meteors. The billionaire globalist psychopaths who control most of the world and want to control all of it use our fears and insecurities against us, bouncing us from one existential threat to another. But don't worry! They have the answers to the imaginary problems they've created and they'll be happy to save us all, if we're willing to obey their orders and pay their price. 

The year 2020 was a rehearsal, a practice run to see how far they could push us and how much we would comply. To their delight, we proved we'd do almost anything to feel safe. Our blind obedience opened the door for 2021, the year we fall deep into the misery of totalitarianism. Coming very soon are digital vaccine passports that you'll have to carry with you if you expect to enter bars, concerts, sporting events, and possibly even grocery stores. Some employers have hinted you'll need a passport to keep your job. No vaccine means no passport, and that will make you a shunned second class citizen. At least for now. Your continued refusal to "get the jab" could lead to having your children taken away, or land you in a concentration camp, since society will deem you to be a threat who must be kept apart from the others. The vaccine passports will soon be expanded to include all of your personal information, including your credit score, your criminal record, your purchase history, your online search history, controversial social media posts, and a minute by minute record of every place you go. Eventually vaccine passports will become 'life passports', expanding to include new things they want you to comply with, like eating bugs instead of meat in the name of combating climate change. Expect a lot of in-person visits by the police asking about your recent activities. They'll do that to intimidate you into being a good citizen.

Once these passports become a requirement, it's game over for freedom. You'll be locked down as tightly as any prison inmate. The only difference is which side of the fence you're on.

Much of what I've written has been written before. But I've repeated it because totalitarianism is the only real immediate existential threat that we face. All of us must open our eyes and see the danger we are in. Our opportunity to rise up and resist it is closing fast. This isn't something we can deal with in a year or two. The walls are closing in now. The globalists are accelerating their plans for human enslavement and I predict we'll be defeated by the end of this year if we keep on accepting everything they and their puppet politicians tell us to do. 

There are other problems in the world. Yes, child trafficking is real. Election interference is happening. Our President is a tool of the deep state. People are being divided and told to hate each other. The news media is a corrupt propaganda factory. Pointless wars are being fought. But none of these are as urgent and as threatening as totalitarianism. None of the other problems we face can be fixed if we are fighting to survive as slaves with no voice and no rights. How can we do anything if we're locked in our homes with our communications cut off or heavily censored? How can we help others if we're unable to help ourselves?

Stopping the globalists is the only path forward for humanity. It is the only way forward for freedom. It is the only way forward for decency and morality.

Rise up now! We have the power to change everything but we have to stop obeying destructive power-mad psychopaths and return our world to truth and sanity. 

It's not difficult. It just takes courage.

Stop The Madness.

It's time to push back against insanity. Free speech, facts, and logic have to be at the center of human society. Stop the madness. Stop woke supremacy.

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