Bubble Tea With Lemon.

I was at a Thai restaurant sharing a bubble tea with CNN journalist Don Lemon and he asked if I remembered where I was when Donald Trump said the KKK is full of fine people.

A moment later he asked if I had witnessed a Russian prostitute urinating on Trump’s hotel bed. This was followed by him asking what I knew about Trump and Russian collusion.

Not longer after that, he asked what I thought about President Trump calling the pandemic a scam.

He wouldn’t stop. Next he asked if I had become a racist due to Trump’s divisive comments. He wanted to know if my hatred of the LGBTQ community was caused by Trump’s brainwashing efforts.

Next, after sipping some more bubble tea, he asked if my violent behavior stemmed from Trump’s daily hateful remarks which set the tone for not just me but the entire nation.

Finally, he wanted to know exactly how Donald Trump influenced me to commit an act of insurrection and treason by storming the US Capital. Why did I listen? How could I do such a thing? Didn’t I know that Biden’s stolen election was for my own good? Why couldn’t I accept it, stay home with my mask on, and keep quiet?

And then I woke up. It was all a dream.

President Trump never said the KKK were fine people.

He never called the pandemic a scam.

He never said anything racist.

He never insulted the LGBTQ community, which, by the way, I don’t hate.

He never encouraged me to commit any acts of violence.

And he absolutely never suggested that I invade the Capital in an act of insurrection.

These are all fabrications of a dishonest and traitorous gang of Leftist journalists and politicians. None of it is true, except the part about Joe Biden stealing the election.

And then I laughed at myself. I should have known it was all a dream.

Because I would never share a bubble tea with Don Lemon.

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