Technocracy Will Destroy All That Makes Us Human.

If the goals of the technocrats come true, we'll be living in a world with no music, no art, no theater, and no pleasure.

In the past year I've been doing a lot of research on our proposed technocratic future. Several international organizations have come up with unsolicited plans for how life on earth should be in the near future. Most of us have now heard of the World Economic Forum's "Great Reset" and how it intends to radically reshape society through the process of tearing everything apart and then "Building Back Better". But the WEF isn't the only group of deluded psychopaths who think they know the way forward for the rest of us. Sadly, there are many others. But despite their different organizational names they all come up with similar visions, and they're all dystopian. They all see people as the problem rather than a potential creative source for solutions. Technology is everything to them. Every problem can be solved with enough artificial intelligence, even it means merging humanity with machines. But these ideas are coming from dark souls who hate life and are incapable of seeing the infinite potential of consciousness. The techno-elitists who wish to rule us think only of logic, efficiency, savings, austerity, and productivity. Their emotions are limited to greed and lust. Happiness, joy, optimism, and tranquility are foreign to them. And so the world must be centrally managed and tightly controlled by computers, surveillance cameras, digital passports, medical implants, facial recognition, GPS tracking, and millions of pages of laws prohibiting everything except what they expressly allow us to do. 

We'll live where we're told to live. We'll do the work that is assigned to us. We'll eat the rations that they deem most efficient for the production system. We'll no longer be allowed to own cars or homes. We'll be told how often we can buy clothes and other goods, if we're allowed to own them at all instead of renting them. Everything about our lives will be planned for us and scheduled to meet the needs of the collective instead of our own personal needs and desires. 

If you think I'm exaggerating, do the research yourself. The global elite have published papers, books, and even released videos detailing what they hope the future will be. They don't hide it. Their grim visions are out in the open, if you're willing to see them.

But here's what you won't see in their plans. These are the things never mentioned in any of the technocrat's schemes:

There is no music. There is no theater. There are no professional sports. Bars, pubs, and restaurants are never mentioned. Going to the park for fresh air or recreation will apparently be forbidden. Pets and other companion animals aren't part of their plans. Farming and even local gardening are never included. Religious services of any kind are ignored. Have they ever heard of a museum? Apparently not. They don't talk about them. Nothing that makes life enjoyable, that makes us alive and human, is included in their blueprints for the future. It's all about work, efficiency, and feeling safe. Trade your freedom for the absence of fear. Stay indoors and eat your vegetable stew so you won't be exposed to the manufactured horrors that apparently await you if you try to go your own way. Not that you'll want to, since all information will be tightly controlled to keep you ignorant, locked down, and submissive.

Is this what you want? Do you desire safety and the comfort of never having to make your own decisions more than the ability to shape your own life and explore your potential? Are you willing to live in a world of total conformity where you have to give up everything you love in order to be an acceptable member of the new collective? And if you do, how do you know they are right? How do you know they're telling you the truth and not just manipulating you so that you have nothing and they have everything?

The future I've described above isn't science fiction. It isn't someone's prediction for 100 years from now. These are ideas that have been planned for decades and they are now being implemented worldwide. The covid-19 pandemic is being used to test us. Who will we believe? What will we believe? How far can we be pushed before we resist?

Unfortunately, most of us can be pushed all the way to the dark dystopian world that our emotionally bankrupt leaders want us to go to. 

And if they win, humanity will die.

A Plague Of Devils.

The entire world seems to be consumed in fear and confusion. American cities are on fire thanks to Communists and the lack of leadership in Washington DC and many left-leaning states. Our southern border is being flooded with illegal immigrants invited here by our illegitimate President Joe Biden, the same President who is looking around the globe for a place to start a new war. We're told climate change and rising temperatures are existential threats to humanity at the same time that the Earth is cooling. Covid-19 is constantly in the news. People are bragging about taking experimental gene therapy injections misrepresented as vaccines against a virus that has never been proven to exist. Businesses remain closed. Actually, only small businesses remain closed. The ones owned by huge corporations are operating as usual but with record profits. Now even churches are being shut down, surrounded by fences paid for by taxpayers, and defended by militarized police forces. 

We are living in an age of complete madness. Yet if you look at the mainstream media news outlets, all is well. Things are normal, that is, the new normal. Vaccines are good. Riots help democracy. Small businesses struggling to survive are threats to our health. Laws promoting election integrity are racist. People who refuse to take the fake vaccines are domestic terrorists. Digital vaccine passports are needed if we're ever expected to return to the old "normal", even though the alleged virus has a greater than 98% survival rate. 

Up is down. Down is up. Truth is fiction. Why are people accepting all of this?

It's because we are fighting a plague of devils. 

These devils are the news media and entertainment celebrities who vomit out lies and propaganda 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. New World Order scabs like Joy Behar, Brian Stelter, Don Lemon, Cher, Rachel Maddow, Jimmy Fallon, Norah O'Donnell, Joe Scarborough, Chris Wallace, Joy Reid, and so many others, profit from our pain. They receive their marching orders from low level globalists like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and this mental sewage is spread nationwide to naive trusting viewers coast to coast. Similar things take place in other nations, such as in the United Kingdom where the BBC misleads people with lies from Boris Johnson and company. Of course all of this garbage comes from more centralized sources of misinformation such as the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, and the World Health Organization. And if you didn't already know, WHO is largely funded by the technocrat psychopath Bill Gates, who is a close ally to Dr Anthony Fauci. 

These power mad puppets of the super wealthy global elite hate us. They despise us. We're drinking their water. We're breathing their air. We're eating their food. We're occupying space they think we don't deserve. They are the elite. They are special. We're just useless eaters. 

And so they turn their media propaganda machine against us. They turn man against man, woman against woman, race against race, nation against nation. The lies don't matter. Only their complete domination against us matters. And the news media and the entertainment industry, and the fools they employ who think they'll get a place at the table, are fully willing to sell us out and lie to us to help these psychopathic elitists crush us like tiny stupid ants.

Many of us ignore the mainstream media and the vacant-headed celebrities. We know they are tools. We know propaganda when we see it. But so many of our friends, neighbors, and relatives can't see it. They believe the lies because they don't know any better, and because lies are often more comfortable than the truth.

So they keep quiet and they dutifully comply. They keep their masks on, even when they're alone. They embrace censorship and surveillance as things that protect them. They begin to think of others as dirty and diseased.  They take the deadly vaccines. And they become sick and die, if not right away, soon.

Just like the plague of devils knew they would.

Real Evil Exists.

Is it crazy to think the wealthy elite are using the Covid vax to depopulate the Earth? Who could be that evil? History proves many people have been that evil. These psychopathic leaders killed their own people:

Pol Pot: 2 million dead

Hitler: 6 million dead

Stalin: 20 million dead

Mao: 3 million dead

And that's just a sample from the 20th century alone.

If you think it can't happen again, you're dead wrong.

I Will Not Comply.

I Will Not Be Silenced. I Will Not Go Away. I Will Not Submit To Vaccine Experiments. I Will Not Carry A Passport To Gain Freedoms I Already Have. I Will Not Be Ruled By Corrupt Psychopaths. I Will Not Be A Slave.


Who Is Bill Gates?

We all know Bill Gates as the founder of Microsoft, but recently he's somehow become the face of public health, especially as it relates to the Covid pandemic. But Gates isn't a doctor. He has no medical training of any kind. What he does have are money and powerful connections. He also has an agenda for humanity that you probably won't like. That agenda includes mass vaccinations, biometric digital ID's for every person on earth linked to a central database that will also store your medical records, and even digital currency that can be shut off at the flip of a switch. This entire infrastructure is being built right now, and it's funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  If successful, Bill Gates will have control over every person on earth, and he'll profit hugely from it.

This documentary by James Corbett exposes it all.

Note that this is a 2 hour video and it's well worth your time. But it is divided into 4 parts so you spread it out over a couple of days if you need to. But please watch it before it's too late.

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