Democrats Incite Violence. And Our Cities Burn.

Todays DNC Maxine version 780px.jpg 

US Representative Maxine Waters of California has repeatedly urged her followers to get in the faces of Trump cabinet members and Trump supporters. "You tell them they're not welcome anymore, anywhere," she said during a press conference. But when riots begin and cities burn, Maxine stays quiet, taking no responsibility for anything.

Update Sept 01 2020: Now that polls are indicating that Americans are growing tired of the protests and riots, liberals have changed their talking points. The official narrative now is "blame Donald Trump". We saw that coming, didn't we? Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, Symone Sanders, Jennifer Rubin, and Adam Schiff plus many others are all repeating the same thing: Trump is "fanning the flames of violence" and that's supposedly why cities are on fire. How immoral must a person be to say this? They know they're lying, but they don't care. It's all about power and winning the next election. These characters have been encouraging violence for months and resisting all efforts to stop it. Only now, when polling data shows they made a mistake, are they changing their strategy to avoid any blame. They'll try to rewrite history rather than accept any responsibility for the civil unrest that has divided the United States all year. And their media lapdogs will cooperate in the scam, hoping for some kind of reward later. It's just more liberal bullshit and it's why so many people are running away from the Democratic Party. 

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