Ignorance, Lies, & Insanity Control The World.

A new poll shows many Americans are still believing the covid lie. According to Breitbart, "More than one-third of Americans, 37 percent, believe the U.S. will “never” return to a state of normalcy, predicting that “there will always be coronavirus restrictions.” That sentiment is held by 37 percent of Democrats, 35 percent of independents, and 36 percent of Republicans. It comes as members of President Joe Biden’s administration continue to hint at a resurgence of the virus as the fall and winter approach."

This poll suggests far too many people believe the largely debunked idea that covid is a real disease caused by a real virus, despite the fact that the SARS-CoV-2 virus has never been proven to exist other than in a computer simulation.  (In fact, no virus has ever been scientifically proven to cause any disease.) Or maybe a large number Americans have simply lost hope that their corrupt and illegitimate government will ever return all the freedoms they willingly gave up during the early stages of the pandemic scam.

Regardless of the reasons for these poll results, it shows we have a lot of work to do to overcome Fascist propaganda and bring truth to the people.

Radical left-wing news source 'The Hill' reports that veteran sportscaster Bob Costas has criticized unvaccinated baseball players who were required to recently sit out games in Canada due to vaccination requirements. In an ignorant and heartless rant, Costas said “Leave aside any medical opinion, leave aside the politics of it. This is a team sport. No matter whether you agree or disagree with the mandates or any country’s rules and regulations, you are hurting your own team.”

Yeah, guys, stop being selfish! Don't worry about the tens of thousands of people who have been killed by the vaccines. Ignore the crippling injuries. Forget about all the professional athletes who have dropped dead on the playing field after receiving the covid jabs. It's okay if you destroy your health as long as you're doing it for the team. I'm sure Costas will be by your side comforting you as you lie in a vegetative state on a hospital bed. But don't expect him to pay your medical bills.

No matter how you feel about Alex Jones, he's a great entertainer and most of the time his predictions come true. So it's unfortunate but not unexpected that the corporate propaganda press is having a field day over Jones' lawsuit stemming from comments he allegedly made about the Sandy Hook shooting incident. Although it's clearly a show trial to shame and silence Jones, the corrupt system will still eventually succeed in hurting him in some way, most likely through his bank account. To protect against his attackers, Jones' InfoWars parent company, Free Speech Systems, has filed for bankruptcy. The action doesn't mean the company is broke or going out of business. It's merely a defensive move to protect the company and allow it to move forward after the frivolous trial is over.

The corrupt media is using the news of the bankruptcy as another opportunity to smear Jones, calling him a "far-right conspiracy theorist". In these dishonest times, "far-right" now describes anyone who believes in freedom and our Constitutional rights. The radical left has done a great job of portraying their extreme Marxist views as mainstream, and anything to the right of that is now "far-right". It's a word game that the media gladly plays as well. As for being a conspiracy theorist, if you went into InfoWars' archives and reviewed its content, you'd likely find that Jones and his hosts told the truth and accurately predicted the future. Being ahead of your time doesn't make you a conspiracy theorist, but to the corporate propaganda press that does nothing but say what they're ordered to say, it must be really annoying having people like Jones calling out your bullshit.

Today alone there are enough crazy stories to fill a blog post 4 times longer than this one. I can't include everything, so I'll leave you with this bit of insanity: Teen Vogue has published an editorial suggesting 'paid menstrual leave' is a 'fundamental worker's right'. Have you noticed that everything the left 'wants' is twisted into a 'right'?

The editorial was written by Sara Youngblood Gregory, a self-described “lesbian poet,” whose upcoming work “The Polyamory Workbook” deals with “navigating ethical non monogamy”, whatever the fuck that is. In any event, she claims women have special needs that employers must address and ultimately pay for. What she doesn't explain is how women are once again being recognized as a real biological sex with unique biological needs. Where do the trans people fit in? 

It's a bloody mess.

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