Let's Build A New Civilization.

The world is complex, oppressive, and unfair. Our government and business leaders are corrupt, putting money above human dignity. Many religious leaders have lost their way. And the wealthiest 1% treat the rest of us like we're their own personal property, controlling everything we do and now wanting to track our actions and even manipulate our body's chemistry. 

Many people are disillusioned. Many more live in fear.

But it doesn't have to be this way. We, the 99%, are the majority! We can come together and create a new civilization that the elites have no power over. We can break the grip of tyrants, psychopaths, and global corporations that think they own it all and that we are nothing.

And we can do it without violence by simply refusing to play their game anymore.

We can be free! It's time to begin thinking, meditating, praying, and planning for the next evolutionary step for humanity, one that doesn't involve us losing our souls and merging with artificial intelligence. We can have a world where we live free and in harmony with nature, where every person has real food, pure water, decent housing, and endless opportunities not restricted by over-reaching governments.

It will take creativity. It will take faith. It will take hard work. And most of all, it will take courage. But we can do it.

Now is the time. Let's go!

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