What Do We Do Now?

I'm not one to jump into a fight until I know what the fight is about. I step back, observe, and analyze. If the fight is right, I'm in. If it's not, I stay on the side, making notes. 

It's day 2 of the DC protest and, if you believe the mainstream media, the insurrection.

As expected, our conservative allies are telling us it's wrong to storm the capital. We did a bad thing. Nothing good comes from political violence.


So what should we do?

We've expressed our concerns on social media.

We've voted.

We've written our elected officials.

We've tried to educate our friends and neighbors. 

And yet, here we are, watching one of the most corrupt men on earth being validated as our next President. And the propaganda "news" outlets are telling us to accept it or suffer the consequences. 

Our republic is being destroyed right before our eyes. The United States is becoming just another weakened player in the game of the global elite. Our Constitution no longer matters. Stay silent. Comply. Wear your mask. Beg for the vaccine. Enjoy your servitude. 

People have had enough.

We went to DC. We protested. Peacefully. 

Unfortunately, our evil opponents infiltrated us and created chaos. Congress was invaded and occupied. That's not a bad thing, since the Capital is OUR building. But the corrupt news media and weak politicians turned it all against us and called it an "insurrection". Immediately, people who were trying to save our nation became criminals. 

Patriots have been arrested. More will be in the coming days. 

And the corrupt politicians who have become millionaires at our expense? They're lying to us. And they're laughing at us.

Our great nation has been overthrown by evil, greedy, politicians who hate us. But they live lives of luxury in mansions paid for by corruption and treason. They should be hanging from ropes. But instead, they keep on lying and they keep on destroying everything the United States stands for.

The talking heads in the news media, including our so called allies, are telling us the DC protests were wrong. Well what should we do? Our elected officials ignore us. The media spreads lies. Elections are rigged. Social media silences us. What are we supposed to do? Sit quiet while totalitarianism destroys everything? 

No. Hell no!

We find the truth. We stand by the truth. We fight for the truth. And in truth, we find freedom.

It will be messy. It will be dirty. It will be inconvenient. It will be painful.

But it must be done.

We'll lose friends. We'll lose jobs. We'll lose security. Still, it must be done.

Humanity wasn't created to be slaves. 

Our potential has no limits. We are the children of  God. We can, and will, prevail.

And if that means raising a little hell, so be it. We can't be polite with the forces of evil.

We must be strong. And we must fight until we win and ascend.

You aren't a slave. You're a child of God. The power is yours, if you embrace it.

Evil can be defeated, if you fight it. 

Freedom is yours. If you work for it.



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