Stay Home On Inauguration Day.

The ceremonial swearing in of our illegitimate President Joe Biden will be on January 20. For days we've heard disinformation that right wing radicals will stage potentially violent protests in Washington DC and the capitals of all 50 states. In my own city the federal courthouse was boarded up today in anticipation of rioting. But don't believe what you're hearing.

I'm active in more than eleven free speech and Constitutional Patriot social media sites as well as being a financial supporter of the Oath Keepers, and no one...let me repeat one that I know is planning to do anything destructive on January 20. The same applies to January 19 and January 21. In fact, the most common advice I've heard is that false flag events are likely to happen on the 20th, and the best thing we can do is avoid the trap and stay home.

We're up against immoral and ruthless opponents both within and without the US government. The Left lies. They are violent. They have no principles. They have no ethics. Nothing matters to them but gaining power and ultimately winning. The Left is the home of Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and Fidel Castro, although most modern day Leftists are so uneducated they don't even know whose ideas they're embracing and spreading. ANTIFA burns cities down, completely ignorant that their riots are bringing about the very things that they despise. And the deep state lies. They too are violent and have no principles. They certainly have no ethics, and power is their god. They use the Leftists as convenient idiots. 

Conservatives and Patriots have, for too long, underestimated the deep state and their Leftist tools. We have principles. They have none. We talk about a Constitution that they care nothing about. We play nice. They fight dirty. And they are winning. 

Do we give in? No. Absolutely not. But we don't need to fall into a trap that they've set for inauguration day. They want martial law. They want to shut down our ability to communicate. They want to disarm us. They want to "re-educate" us.

And they need an excuse to make all that happen. 

Don't give them that excuse.

Let the 20th come and go. We all know Joe Biden isn't a legitimate President. He knows it too. Stay calm, regroup, and don't let the Marxist Fascists score another win. 

Our day will come. Traitors will hang. But it has to done right and it has to be done within the law, as demanded by the US Constitution that all real Americans respect and admire.

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