You Are The Cavalry.

People ask: When is the cavalry coming? I say, look in the mirror. You are the cavalry.

How To How Have A Revolution Without Lighting A Match.

mother teresa ripples 780.jpg  

Educate yourself and vote for the best qualified candidate, who may or may not be from your preferred political party. Communicate with your representatives. They have forms on their websites to make it easy. Go to city council meetings, peacefully, and voice your concerns. Make sure what you post on social media is factual to the best of your ability. Read the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. Build up your community with positive actions instead of trying to burn it all down. Be willing to debate others instead of silencing them. You might learn something that way. Accept that racists come in all colors, including your own. Figure out if you're being manipulated by others before you throw that brick.

And finally, remember that you can be passionate about something and still be completely wrong. 

You're Controlled By Fear. Being Fearless Sets You Free.

David Icke explains how the global elite, which he calls "the cult", controls you with fear. But like the Wizard in The Wizard of Oz, when you pull back the curtain, the elite don't look so powerful anymore. 

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