Monopoly: The Documentary That Will Change The World.

This documentary by Tim Gielen is amazing. In one hour it explains why our world is so dysfunctional, why it could get much worse, and how we can end human suffering by simply understanding that our misery is engineered by less than 1% of the people who control almost every corporation, government, politician, and financial asset on earth.

Do you want a better life for yourself and your family? 'Monopoly - Who Owns The World' will explain why we're in this situation and how we can defeat the elite and create a new awakening that leads to a better life for every one of us.

Watch it now and share it with everyone you know. You've been a slave for too long. Rise up and find freedom!

COVID Vaccine Death Count As Of October 1, 2021.

Here are the latest numbers from the CDC's Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). The deaths continue with no end in sight, and crippling side effects are destroying thousands of lives. Yet the news media, elected officials, and others taking Big Pharma bribes stay silent except to falsely claim the vaccines are "safe and effective". These numbers prove otherwise.

Even more troubling is this chart that shows how serious the COVID vax crisis is: vaccine deaths were consistently low from 1990 until the end of 2020. As soon as the experimental COVID jabs began the deaths soared. How many deaths will be considered too many? Will this medical terrorism ever end or are we on the way to global genocide?

Data source: The OpenVAERS project

Vile Vial.

The COVID shot is the deadliest vaccine in history. Get the facts and avoid the jab.

The Vaccine Death Report

Evidence of millions of deaths and serious adverse events resulting from the experimental COVID-19 injections.

by By David John Sorensen & Dr. Vladimir Zelenko MD

Download the PDF.


Dr Erik Enby Reveals What The Pfizer COVID Vaccine Looks Like Under A Microscope.

In this clip from a new documentary by Borje Peratt, Dr Erik Enby uses an interference contrast microscope to examine a sample of the Pfizer COVID vaccine. Dr Enby said, "I examined a Covid-19 vaccine a few weeks ago and was able to detect that there were myriads of microbiological entities in it.” He is unable to determine what those entities are, but he fears they can replicate and cause diseases in a host with the right conditions, such as a weakened immune system. 

Watch this fascinating video and then decide if the vax is something you want injected into your body. 

"Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated" Is An Expression Of Propaganda.

The ruling elite and their media puppets are using the expression "pandemic of the unvaccinated" to divide us and turn the un-vaxxed into second-class citizens, enemies of the greater good. They want us to think that people who have accepted the jabs are better than those of us who haven't. The un-jabbed are portrayed as selfish, reckless, and dangerous to the rest of society, as thus must be identified, labeled, shunned, and perhaps even segregated away from the obedient class. 

But it's nothing but a psy-op to prop up the failing and dangerous injection agenda, an agenda that has never been about good health or disease prevention. 

It's a deadly agenda of control: control all the people and control all the wealth.

The psychopaths behind it all must be brought into the light, tried in the court of humanity, and sentenced in a suitable manner.

COVID Death Cult Claims More Victims.

(Data courtesy of the OpenVAERS project)

Although the death count seems to have slowed down, there's still been an unacceptable number of fatalities and life-changing injuries attributed to the fake vaccines. (I suspect the data is being manipulated to show fewer deaths & injuries.)

And in a shocking display of irresponsible behavior, the news media, our elected officials, unelected bureaucrats, and hospital representatives are putting out daily propaganda that attempts to scare the unvaccinated into taking the experimental gene therapy jabs. None of these masters of misinformation ever mention adverse side effects. The narrative never changes: "get vaccinated or die", and "it's safe and effective". 

But the evidence is clear: the vaccines are not safe and effective and they could end your life. 

Anyone who won't discuss this is probably not working in your best interest. So who are they working for?

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