Take A Stand Against Censorship.

Facebook hates free speech. Censorship is rampant on the dying social media site. Their inaccurate "fact checkers" are even flagging jokes as "false" or "missing context". It's completely ridiculous. By suppressing content they may have contributed to election interference which can permanently damage the integrity of the voting process. 

It's time to say "goodbye" to Facebook. 

There are many other good social media sites now. In my opinion, the best overall replacement for Facebook is MeWe. Political opinions are allowed but it has more of a general purpose feel to it than most others. If your main focus is politics, check out Wimkin, Codias, Gab, Parler, and Brighteon Social. For politics with more of a human/social slant, give Trooth a look. I'm on all of them. 

But there's really no good reason to use Facebook anymore. Let's kick them to the curb. We have the power to bring them down.

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