The EU Has Banned David Icke From The European Continent.

The fascist European Union has banned author and speaker David Icke for two years in an attempt to keep the truth away from the public. Icke was scheduled to give a speech in the Netherlands at a freedom rally, but EU leaders are so afraid of him that they decided to keep him off the continent completely. Unfortunately for the fascists, Icke will be giving his speech by video to bypass the ban. And the attempt to gag him has created new interest in his books and videos meaning more people than ever will soon be hearing the truth about the globalists and their agenda to control the world. 

David Icke has written a number of books that explain how the world really works and who wields the power that turns politicians into puppets. I encourage you to check out his work and perhaps buy a book that will educate you and help keep Icke's mission moving ahead.

His website is at His books can be found at

To hear more about the EU's ban, here is a video interview with Icke where he explains why powerful politicians are now scared of the man they used to ridicule.

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