Laugh At The Woke Mob.

Every day we see news reports about censorship and the cancel culture. Overly sensitive liberals and Marxists cry because someone's words hurt their feelings. The most innocent of statements are twisted into racist insults and proclamations of "white supremacy". As a result, Twitter suspends accounts, Facebook plays god, and YouTube demonetizes creator platforms. 

Well first of all, why are you on Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube? These are the tools of global Marxist Fascism. There are alternatives that believe in freedom. Why aren't you on them? Go to my "Resources For The Resistance" page to see some really good options.

But okay, maybe you have good reasons to stay on the cancel culture/censorship sites. I can't imagine what those reasons are but in any event, how can we react to the fake outrage of the Left? Should we take them seriously and remove our content? Maybe we should self-censor and not publish anything that might possibly offend someone? Or should we get on our knees and apologize for our hurtful words and hope the woke mob forgives us?

No. Never. No. Never ever apologize to the Left. They will take your apology and twist and turn it against you. They will demonize you and try to destroy you, even if you grovel at their multi-gendered feet. Your total destruction is all they crave. 

The woke crowd is composed to two types of people: strategists who use your words against you to achieve a goal, and the mentally unstable, who, despite your best efforts, cannot be reasoned with.

There's no need to fight them. It's a waste of time and energy to convince them. 

But what you and I can do is laugh at them. Make them feel ridiculous. Make them feel small and unimportant. Shame them into silence. Watch them run away in fear. But never ever give in to them. Never ever apologize to them. Push back. Push them out of normal society. 

It's the only way.

Otherwise, they beat us. They silence us. The land of the bizarre becomes our new normal. 

The inmates should never run the asylum. The line is here. The gates close and lock now. 

Or else, all sanity is lost.

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